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    Train show at Manchester, GA

    This coming Weekend, Oct. 18th and 19th, will be the train show, Railroad Days, at Manchester, GA. This is a annual event they hold with live steam outside and layouts and vendors inside. Theres also a area setup, thats year round, for the public to view and railfan the CSX yard nearby. The door cost was $2 last year, and it doesn't say what it is this year.
    Heres some info if anyone else is nearby:

    Heres some pics and stuff from last years event:
    [ame=""]YouTube - Manchester Railroad Days[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - Live Steam in Manchester, GA[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - CSX at Manchester, Georgia[/ame]

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    I've been to Manchester to shoot CSX in action, and ran into a boatload (trainload?) of fellow railfans shooting at the platform, off the bridge, on the Birmingham and Atlanta lines, etc. Awesome place to railfan, and IMO second only to the Folkston area down near the Florida line.

    Wish I could be there this weekend.............hope y'all have a great time. And please, give us a report on how the show went- I miss shooting there.

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    For anyone coming there, We'll be looking for ya there. Our table is setup in the middle of the room. The guy running the table goes by "TrainMan1965" on the forums and will be wearing a CSX hat.
    You'll find n-scale, HO scale and even some G-scale on it for sale.
    The bathtub gons I have listed for sale in the classifieds will be on the table also, if anyones interested. I'm gonna let them go for $120 for all 20 of them at the show, thats $6 each. You can't get 10 Athearn or Walthers cars for that much.

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