TrainBoard Message

June 23, 2015

TrainBoard Members and Visitors;

TrainBoard is down (and will be down) for a brief period. We are probably going to be offline for two to three days. This is just an estimate. It could be a bit more (or less).

During the last year or so, we have not been able to offer you the kind of product that we feel is acceptable. In order for TrainBoard to survive and grow, we realize that we must offer you something much better, which is exactly what we plan on doing.

Work is going on behind the scenes right now to make the changes that we feel will put us back on the right track. Some things will be changing. We will work through this and we believe that a more streamlined product will be easier to use and allow us to better accomplish our mission.

We ask that you be patient and continue to check back. There will also be a transitional period once we retun to work out bugs but, as we have always done in the past, we will get where we need to be.

All our best, and we will see you again soon!

- Charlie


Update - June 24

Work is progressing nicely today. Please bear with us as we continue working behind the scenes.

Update - June 26

More work. TrainBoard will return soon. We apologize for the delay. We are working behind the scenes every day and ask your patience while we upgrade the site. E-Mail if we can help you in the meantime.

Update - June 28

We are sorry that this is taking so long, but it will be worth it. A few rumors have reached our ears. We are not closing. We have not crashed. Everything is fine. We are re-tooling the site in a major way and we are well over half done. We will be back in 2 to 4 days. Please bear with us. The only reason we are closed during this time is so that new posts are not lost as we have already imported the data to the new system.

Update - June 29

Still working folks. We are making good progress and continue to ask for patience for a couple of more days while we get things running.