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Peoria Area Rail Users in 1975

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In the 1970s, the era I am modeling, the P&PU Ry interchanged with about a dozen RRs in the Peoria area. This is a list of businesses and industries served by those RRs in the Peoria area in 1975. Industries in BOLD are modeled on the Peoria and Pekin Union Railway in N-Scale
ATSF Benson Farmers Co-op Benson N/A Grain Elevator
ATSF Martin Marietta Corp. Chillicothe W. Truitt Ave. Quarry
ATSF Woodford County Service Co. Minonk 444 Oak St. Fertilizer
ATSF AT&SF TOFC Ramp Morton N/A Piggyback Facility
ATSF Caterpillar Tractor Company Morton N. Morton Ave. Distribution Center
ATSF Libby, McNeill & Libby Morton 215 N. Morton Ave. Cannery
ATSF Morton Ready Mix Concrete Morton Erie Ct. Building Materials
ATSF Joan-of-Arc Co. Princeville 606 S. Tremont Ave. Canned Vegetables
ATSF Roanoke Farmers Grain Assn. Roanoke E. Rt. 116 Grain Elevator
ATSF Woodford County Service Co. Roanoke E. Rt. 116 Fertilizer
ATSF Kent Lumber & Coal Co. Washington 900 Walnut St. Lumber

BN Kress Corp. Brimfield 227 Illinois St. Heavy Equipment
BN Caterpillar Tractor Company Browning Switch N. Smith Rd. Edwards Demonstration Grounds
BN Elmwood Elevator Co. Elmwood N/A Grain Elevator
BN Peoria County Service Co. Monica 19716 Elliot Rd. Fertilizer
BN Allied Iron & Steel Co. Peoria Ft. of W. Clarke St. Scrap Iron & Junk
BN Bernauer Stockyard Feed Store Peoria 100 South St. Feed
BN BN TOFC Ramp Peoria Persimmon St. Piggyback Facility
BN Brewer’s Distributing Co. Peoria 1220 SW Washington St. Beverages
BN Caterpillar Tractor Company Peoria 2400 SW Washington St. Beaded Tires
BN Clark Products Co. Peoria 406 SW Washington St. Paper Products
BN Construction Materials Co. Peoria 100 Cass St. Building Materials
BN Dooley Bros. Co. Peoria 1201 SW Washington St. Mine Supplies
BN Faber-Musser Co. Peoria 100 Edmund St. Builders Supplies
BN Federal Warehouse Co. Peoria 800 SW Adams St. Warehouse
BN Fleming-Potter Company Peoria 1028 SW Adams St. Lithographers
BN Fleming-Potter Company Peoria 1114 SW Adams St. Paper Labels
BN Foster & Gallagher Co. Peoria 111 Harrison St. Warehouse
BN Heating Supply & Service Co. Peoria 107 Cass St. Furnaces
BN Kiefer Electric Supply Co. Peoria 318 SW. Washington St. Electrical Supplies
BN A. Lucas & Sons Peoria 1318 SW Washington St. Structural Iron Works
BN Meyer Furnace Co. Peoria 1300 SW Washington St. Furnaces
BN Midwest Veneer Distributors Peoria 900 SW Adams St. Veneer, Plywood
BN A. Miller & Co. Peoria 1610 SW Adams St. Scrap Iron & Junk
BN Peoria Wheel & Rim Co. Peoria 2425 SW Washington Wheels & Rims
BN Ritschel Coal Co. Peoria 98 E. State St. Coal
BN Sequoia Supply Co. Peoria 2700 SW Washington St. Plywood
BN Sheet Metal Products Co. Peoria 2501 SW Washington St. Sheet Metal Work
BN South Side Foundry Co. Peoria 2900 SW. Washington St. Foundry
BN Stoecker Seed Co. Peoria 906 SW Adams St. Wholesale Seed
BN Team Track Peoria BN Yard Edmund St. Misc.
BN Wahlfeld Mfg. Co. Peoria 1101 SW Washington St. Building Materials
BN Wahlfeld Mfg. Co. Peoria 1100 SW Washington St. Millwork
BN Western Coal & Fuel Co. Peoria 2604 SW Adams St. Coal
BN Gateway Milling Co. West Peoria Farmington Rd. Feed & Baking Supplies

CIM Bourbon Supreme Warehouse Pekin S. 2nd St. Whiskey Warehouse
CIM Butler Building Materials Co. Pekin 700 S. 2nd St. Building Material
CIM Commonwealth Edison Co. Pekin Manito Rd. Electric Generating Facility
CIM Illinois Iron & Metal Co. Pekin 220 St. Mary St. Scrap Iron & Junk
CIM Tazewell Service Co. Pekin 921 S. 2nd St. Petroleum Products
CIM Valley Chemical & Solvents Co. Pekin S. 2nd St. Chemical Storage
CIM, PT Quaker Oats Co. Pekin S. 2nd St. Fiberboard Containers

CNW Akron Services, Inc. Akron 17705 N. Elevator Rd. Grain, Fertilizer
CNW Peoria County Service Co. Hanna City House Track Fertilizer
CNW Fred D. Weaver Lumber Co. Hanna City S. Runkle and Hanna St. Lumber
CNW UNR-Rohn Industries Maxwell 6718 W. Plank Rd. Communications Towers
CNW Alexander Warehouse & Sales Peoria Ft. of Spellman Building Materials
CNW I. Erlichman & Co., Inc. Peoria 3213 SW Washington St. Scrap Paper & Junk
CNW Great Plains Gas Co. Peoria 3916 SW Adams St. Propane
CNW Heller Tin Compress Co. Peoria 3548 SW Adams St. Scrap Iron & Junk
CNW Smith-Scharff Paper Co. Peoria 3400 SW Washington St. Paper Products
CNW International Paper Co. Pioneer Park 8401 N. University St. Paper Labels
CNW Klaus Radio & Electric Co. Pioneer Park 8400 N. Pioneer Pkwy. Appliances
CNW Montgomery Ward & Co. Pioneer Park N. Pioneer Pkwy. Appliances
CNW Cupi’s Ag Center South Pekin 100 Main St. Agricultural Chemicals
CNW Tazewell Service Co. South Pekin 14654 Townline Rd. Fertilizer
CNW Midland Electric Coal Co. Trivoli N/A Coal Strip Mine (Elm Mine)
CNW G. R. Becker Lumber Co. West Peoria Farmington Rd. Lumber
CNW, PPU Keystone Steel & Wire Co. Bartonville 7000 S. Adams St. Steel Mill
CNW, TPW Central Illinois Light Co. Sommer Cilco Lane Utility Power Plant
CNW, TPW Missouri Portland Cement Sommer Cilco Lane Barge Dock

IC, PE Cook Industries Pekin 101 St. Mary St. Grain Dealers
ICG Delavan Farmers Co-Op Elevator Delavan 308 E. 6th St. Grain Elevator
ICG Haycock Soil Service Delavan W. Rt. 122 Fertilizer
ICG Farmers Grain & Coal Co. Green Valley 107 Railroad St. Grain Elevator
ICG Tazewell Service Co. Green Valley 267 E. Main St. Fertilizer
ICG Hicksgas Sales & Service Grove Rt. 29 Propane
ICG Woodford County Service Co. Metamora N/A Fertilizer
ICG (unknown) Metamora N/A Lumber
ICG Peine, Inc. Minier 103 N. Main St. Fertilizer
ICG Central Illinois Light Co. Pekin N/A Poles
ICG Kriegsman Transfer Co. Pekin 278 Koch St. Warehousing
ICG Pekin Ready Mix Concrete Pekin 1500 Broadway Ave. Building Materials
ICG Riverview Hatchery & Supply Pekin N/A Salt, Feed
ICG Burroughs Ag Service Washburn RR 2 Fertilizer
ICG American Allied Rwy. Equip. Washington 302 W. Holland St. Rebuilt RR Wheels
ICG Caterpillar Tractor Company Washington N/A Loading Platform
ICG Central Illinois Light Co. Washington N/A Poles
ICG, TPW El Paso Fertilizer Co. El Paso N/A Fertilizer
ICG, TPW El Paso Grain & Equip. Co. El Paso N/A Grain Elevator
ICG, TPW Kent Lumber & Coal El Paso 12 W. Front St. Building Materials

ITC American Allied Rwy. Equip. East Peoria W. Washington St. Rebuilt Bolsters
ITC Illini Brick & Supply Co. East Peoria W. Washington St. Bricks
ITC Texaco East Peoria 1253 W. Washington St. Gas & Oil
ITC American Oil Co. Mackinaw N/A Fertilizer
ITC 84 Lumber Co. Morton N/A Lumber
ITC Grimm Oil Co. Morton Jefferson St. Gasoline & Oil

PC Tazewell Service Co. Armington 4139 Minier Rd. Fertilizer
PC Minier Co-Op Minier 101 N. Main St. Grain Elevator
PC Farmers Co-op Grain & Coal Assn Morton 420 E. Washington St. Grain, Feed & Coal
PC Mathis Lumber Company Morton 217 S. Main St. Building Materials
PC Morton Buildings, Inc. Morton 252 W. Adams St. Wire, Fencing

PE Mackinaw Grain Co. Mackinaw 104 W. 1st St. Grain Elevator
PE American Distilling Co. Pekin S. Front St. Alcoholic Liquors
PE Tremont Co-Op Grain Co. Tremont 112 N. West St. Grain Elevator
PE Tazewell Service Co. Tremont 14104 Baer Rd. Fertilizer

PPU Allied Mills, Inc. Bartonville 7501 S. Adams St. Feed Mixtures
PPU Ceco Steel Products Corp. Bartonville Ft. of Illinois St. Sheet Steel & Wire Div.
PPU Keystone Steel & Wire Co. Bartonville 700 S. Adams St. Mid Mill
PPU Luria Brothers & Co., Inc. Bartonville 7000 S. Adams St. Scrap Iron
PPU Central Illinois Dock Company Creve Coeur 901 Wesley Rd. Barge Dock, Steel Distributor
PPU Illinois Grain Corp. Creve Coeur 1000 Wesley Rd. Grain Elevator
PPU P&PU Load/Unload Platform Creve Coeur Wesley Rd. Piggyback Facility
PPU P&PU Joint Agency Creve Coeur Wesley Rd. Freight House
PPU Builders Cash & Carry, Inc. East Peoria Columbia St. Team Track Building Materials
PPU Caterpillar Tractor Company East Peoria Cass St. Parts Mfg & Assembly-Building LL
PPU Caterpillar Tractor Company East Peoria Edmund St. Transmissions Plant-Building KK
PPU Caterpillar Tractor Company East Peoria W. Washington St. Foundry
PPU Caterpillar Tractor Company East Peoria W. Washington St. Warehouse
PPU Caterpillar Tractor Company East Peoria W. Washington St. Machine Shop
PPU Caterpillar Tractor Company East Peoria W. Washington St. Power Plant
PPU Caterpillar Tractor Company East Peoria W. Washington St. Small Tractors – Building X
PPU R. Herschel Mfg. Co. East Peoria 648 W. Washington St. Foundry (closed in ’75)
PPU Parnham Coal Co. East Peoria Columbia St. Team Track Coal
PPU Superior Foundry Co. East Peoria 151W. Herschel St. Foundry
PPU Tabor & Co. East Peoria Ft. of Center St. Grain Elevator
PPU Agrico Chemical Co. North Pekin 1139 Wesley Rd. Fertilizer
PPU American Oil Co. North Pekin 1141 Wesley Rd. Fertilizer
PPU American Oil Co. North Pekin Wesley Rd. Petroleum Products
PPU Socony-Mobile Oil Co. North Pekin Wesley Rd. Petroleum Products
PPU Cargo Carriers Co. Pekin Cargill Rd. (Bottoms) Warehouse, Barge Dock
PPU Armour Packing Co. Peoria 1818 SW Washington St. Meat Depot
PPU I. Bork & Son, Inc. Peoria 2424 W. Clarke St. Scrap Iron, Junk
PPU J. W. Bushell & Sons Peoria 1914 W. Krause Ave. Roofers
PPU Bush-Brown Track Peoria N/A Misc.
PPU Calihan & Co. Peoria Ft. of South St. Meat Packers
PPU Celotex Corp. Peoria Ft. of Clarke St. Roofing Felt
PPU Central Illinois Light Co. Peoria Ft. of Persimmon St. Gas Works
PPU Cohen Furniture Co. Peoria SW Water St. Warehouse
PPU Fredman Bros. Peoria 908 SW Washington St. Storage
PPU Greater Peoria Sanitary District Peoria 2322 Darst St. Wastewater Treatment Plant
PPU George Hoffman & Son Peoria 94 S. Sanger St. Contractor
PPU Insulation Dealers & Supply Co. Peoria 521 NE Water St. Insulation Materials
PPU Claus Lauterbach Lumber Co. Peoria Darst St. Team Track Lumber
PPU Lowenstein’s, Inc. Peoria S. Water St. Furniture
PPU Lumberyard Suppliers, Inc. Peoria 105 Hancock St. Building Materials
PPU McKesson & Robbins Peoria 812 SW Washington St. Wholesale Druggists
PPU O’Neill Bros. Transfer & Stg. Peoria 706 SW Commercial St. Transfer & Storage
PPU Peoria Union Stock Yards Co. Peoria Ft. of South St. Stock Yards
PPU Riverside Elevator Co. Peoria Ft. of Edmund St. Terminal Elevator
PPU Team Track Peoria S. Water St. Misc.
PPU Team Track Peoria Western Ave. Misc.
PPU Wilkins Pipe & Supply Co. Peoria SW Washington St. Plumbers Supplies
PPU, PT Broderick & Bascom Rope Co. Bartonville Ft. of Illinois St. Wire Products
PPU, PT Keystone Steel & Wire Co. Bartonville 7000 S. Adams St. Wire Mill

PT McKesson Chemical Bartonville 7000 S. Washington St. Chemicals
PT PT TOFC Ramp Bartonville Collier’s Yard Piggyback Facility
PT Team Track Bartonville Collier’s Yard Misc.
PT CPC International Pekin S. 2nd St. Wet Corn Milling

RI Team Track Chillicothe 1200 N. 3rd St. Misc.
RI Caterpillar Tractor Company Mossville Cedar Hills Drive Industrial Engine Plant
RI Team Track Mossville Galena Rd. Misc.
RI Bemis Co. Peoria Ft. of Sloan St. Paper Mill
RI Bemis Co. Peoria Ft. of Sloan St. Shipping Sacks
RI CRI&P TOFC Ramp Peoria Morton St. Piggyback Facility
RI Foster & Gallagher Co. Peoria 6523 N. Galena Road Mail Order House
RI Hyster Co. Peoria 1800 NE Adams St. Machinery
RI Illinois Dept. of Transportation Peoria Northmoor Rd. Team Track Equipment
RI Kammerer Concrete Products Peoria Galena Rd. Concrete Products
RI Little Giant Products, Inc. Peoria 1530 NE Adams St. Machinery
RI Martin Oil Service Co. Peoria 2200 Darst St. Petroleum Products
RI Mid-West Sales Company Peoria 301 Alexander St. Beer, Wine
RI Pabst Brewing Co. (Plt. #4) Peoria 709 NE Water St. Grist Mill and Food Additives
RI Peoria Journal Star, Inc. Peoria War Memorial Drive Newsprinting
RI Peoria-Times Observer Peoria Northmoor Rd. Team Track Newsprinting
RI Putnam Coal Co. Peoria Ft. of Spring St. Coal & Fuel
RI Sheridan Road Lumber Co. Peoria 6600 N. Sheridan Rd. Lumber
RI E. Staley Interstate Ready Mix Peoria 600 Van Buren St. Building Materials
RI Sun Aire Water Co. Peoria 207 Voris St. Distilled Water
RI Vitamineral Products Co. Peoria Northmoor Rd. Team Track Mineral Products
RI WABCO Peoria 2301 NE Adams St. Mining Trucks
RI Continental Can Co. Peoria Heights W. Marietta Ave. Aluminum Cans
RI Knaggs Coal Co. Peoria Heights 421 E. Moneta Ave. Coal
RI Pabst Brewing Co. (Plt. #3) Peoria Heights 3421 Prospect Rd. Brewery
RI Advance Millwork Co. Pioneer Park 1913 Townline Rd. Cabinets
RI A & M Insulation Co. Pioneer Park W. Chanute Rd. Building Materials
RI Central Illinois Light Co. Pioneer Park 8600 N. University St. Line Material Yard
RI C. A. Dawson Pioneer Park E. Pioneer Pkwy. Lumber
RI C. A. Dawson Pioneer Park E. Pioneer Pkwy. Furniture
RI Franchise Services, Inc. Pioneer Park 1625 W. Altorfer Lane Baking Supplies
RI D. H. Overmeyer Co., Inc. Pioneer Park 8810 N. University St. Warehouse
RI Peoria Plastics Co. Pioneer Park 9000 N. University St. Plastic Eggs
RI Reserve Supply Co-Operative Pioneer Park 1700 W. Chanute Rd. Plywood
RI Peoria Paper House, Inc. Sankoty 5921 N. Galena Rd. Wholesale Paper
RI Champion Furnace Pipe Co. Sankoty 6021 N. Galena Rd. Paper Labels
RI, PPU Pabst Brewing Co. (Plt. #2) Peoria Ft. of MacArthur Hwy. Malt House
RI, PPU Peoria Barge Terminal, Inc. Peoria Ft. of Main St. Warehouse, Docks
RI, PPU Hiram Walker & Sons, Inc. Peoria Ft. of Edmund St. Distillery, Warehouse

TPW American Oil Co. Cruger RR 2. Fertilizer
TPW Farmers Grain Co-Op of Eureka Cruger RR. 2 Grain Elevator
TPW Northern Propane Gas Cruger N/A Propane
TPW Allied Van Lines, Inc. East Peoria National Rd. Storage
TPW Bramlet & Company East Peoria 1 Altorfer lane Building Materials
TPW Capitol Plumbing & Htg. Supply East Peoria 5 Altorfer Lane Plumbing & Heating Supplies
TPW Central Illinois Light Co. East Peoria W. Camp St. Electric Light Plant
TPW Federal Warehouse Co. East Peoria 101 National Rd. Warehouse
TPW Georgia Pacific Corp. East Peoria 206 W. Camp St. Building Materials (closed in ’75)
TPW Gulf Coast Grain Co. East Peoria Altorfer Lane Grain
TPW Hagerty Bros. Co. East Peoria 601 N. Main St. Steel Warehouse
TPW Chris Hoerr & Son East Peoria 600 W. Camp St. Wholesale Grocers
TPW Illinois River Lumber Co. East Peoria W. Washington St. Lumber
TPW Kroger Co. East Peoria 200 Carver Lane Distribution Center
TPW Leu Collins East Peoria 108 W. Camp St. Fruits & Vegetables
TPW Pillsbury Co. East Peoria 403 Pillsbury Lane Warehouse
TPW Sears, Roebuck & Co. East Peoria 3 Altorfer Lane Warehouse
TPW TP&W COFC/TOFC Ramp East Peoria Dolans Lane Piggyback Facility
TPW United Facilities, Inc. East Peoria Altorfer Lane Warehouse
TPW United States Cold Storage Co. East Peoria 255 Cilco Lane Cold Storage
TPW Chevron El Paso E. Rt. 24 Insecticide
TPW City of El Paso El Paso N/A Road Salt
TPW Kaiser Agricultural Chemicals El Paso E. Rt. 24 Fertilizer
TPW Pfister Hybrid Corn Co. El Paso 187 N. Fayette St. Seed Processing & Packaging
TPW Thermogas Sales & Svc. Co. El Paso 795 W. Main St. Propane
TPW Woodford County Service Co. Eureka E. Rt. 24 Fertilizer
TPW Team Track Eureka Main St. Misc.
TPW Team Track Glasford N/A Misc.
TPW Ashland Chemical Co. Mapleton 8300 W. Rt. 24 Specialty Chemicals
TPW Carter Lumber Mapleton 9512 S. Powell Rd. Lumber
TPW Caterpillar Tractor Company Mapleton 826 W. Rt 24 Gray Iron Foundry
TPW J & J Spur Mapleton N/A Misc.
TPW Kingston River Terminal Mapleton Ft. of Terminal Rd. Warehouse, Barge Docks
TPW Lonza, Inc. Mapleton 8316 W. Rt. 24 Chemicals
TPW Northern Petrochemical Corp. Mapleton Wheeler Rd. Anti-Freeze
TPW El Paso Fertilizer Co. Secor 7th St. Fertilizer
TPW Secor Elevator Co. Secor N/A Grain Elevator
TPW Woodford County Service Co. Secor W. Rt. 24 Petroleum Products
TPW Comet Oil Co. Washington Team Track Industrial Lubricants

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