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Maiden Voyage

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Well I suppose it is time for another update. Within the last week or so, I dug deep and finished up my trackwork (hopefully). There were a few hiccups along the way, but I will get to that. As you read in my previous post, I built a viaduct kit for the elevated crossover. Well, in order for me to run the viaduct, which was an afterthought after I designed and reviewed the trackplan, I had to shorten my yard by 6". This took a lot of thought as I REALLY didn't want to shorten the yard. Its already compact as it is, and the loss of 6" is going to cost me at least a boxcar per siding. But, compromises were made.

Speaking of compromise, the double-track tressle I had set aside was taken off of the drawing board, since weeks ago and for some odd reason I decided to only have a single-track main for the crossover. I vaguely remember doing this to incorporate a reverse loop on the right side of the layout. Also it saved me at least 2 turnouts, and trust me this layout has enough of those. So, I sprang for a Kato single-track truss and sprayed it flat black.

Also, in my attempts to solder the joiners I had a huge problem with derailing on the outer loop on the right side of the layout. After a frustrating night of fiddling around, and a lightly damaged loco, I walked away and gathered fresh ideas. Turns out I just wasn't lining up the sections of flex correctly.

Once I solved this issue things moved along quickly. I laid roadbed and track near the tipple and completely the main trackplan. I also soldered the wiring and ran it through the foam. I then wired up the Digitrax AR1 auto-reverse module and scratched my head when my DC loco wouldn't reverse... duh

(click thumbnail to view video)

Without further babbling, heres a video of (one of) the maiden voyages:

(Click thumbnail to view video)

Now that my trackplan is laid out, I really enjoy the trackplans design. I love that there really aren't many long, straight, stretches. The curves accentuate the consists very nicely. I do have some spare track laying around and may add another siding or two just for more operations enjoyment, but for now I'm happy just mulling it over. My next plans will be to get some decoders scrounged up so I can run DCC, glue the track down, and start laying down foam for hills, valleys etc. Thanks again for reading.

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  1. traius's Avatar
    Interesting read! I'd like to know a bit more about your wiring for the auto reverse loop thingie.


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