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Going Crazy with Ideas I Need to Run Some Trains

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I spent the early part of the day entering data into Easy Model Railroad Inventory. It has a lot of fields, to help you keep an extremely detailed record of your equipment. I entered a dozen freight cars and one locomotive. I spent a good deal of time entering consignees and shippers for the Operations features of EMRI. When I got a decent set of data, I couldnt figure out how to print up a simple track list, I couldnt figure out how to even get the cars in to a track. I dont think its designed down to that level of operations detail. Quite honestly its a great program for keeping track of your rolling stock, but I dont think its going to fit my operations needs.

Minimum Turnouts & Minimum Radii

Tonight I was thinking about minimum turnouts and radii. This is where I need to do some operating. Ive designed everything with #6 turnouts and 24″ minimum radius, but I really dont know what HO trains look like running on a #6 turnout. I know in N-Scale the #8s and #10′s look right, everything else looks too small. With these thoughts I designed an alternative Industrial Lead to use #8 turnouts and 28″ minimum radius. This of course means fewer car spots & less yard space. Am I being too ridiculous when it comes to these minimums. The real answer I guess will come when I actually get some trains on a track and test this out.

Clean Up Progress

Ive told myself I have to clean up the train room and lighten the train load before I start a new layout. Ive listed and sold 226 auctions on ebay during the last two months. I have another 4 items for sale now and one tote left to sell.

Ive consolidated the crap from my workbench (that never got used as a workbench) and placed most of it inside a new roller cabinet. Ive consolidated all of my scenery stuff into a tote and placed it in the garage. Ive finished glueing scenery and buildings to my N Scale Alaskan Shipping FreemoN Module and its going to the garage in the morning. When I get a pair of strong hands Im moving the workbench to the work garage and the work desk (that never gets used as a work table) is being sent back to the Goodwill.

Next Steps

Finish clean up and reorganization of storage.
Finish sales.
Remove closet shelving.
Fix closet desk (its droopy).
Spackle holes in wall.
Paint room.
Build layout.

Track Plan 22 - Alternative Plan #8 Turnouts & 28″ Minimum Radius

Alternate Track Plan #22

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