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Roadbed and so on

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I have had some time off and used some of it to plug along on my layout. I've spent some time laying down WS risers as well as foam roadbed. Nothing spectacular, but my goal of documenting the progress of this layout continues...

I have had to mentally change the plans of parts of my layout to accomodate the 2 1/2" risers to allow for the tipple and trackwork. If I do decide to incorporate a small town, it will have to go on the left side of the layout rather than the right. So I have to mull over the idea of making this more of a scenic rural Pennsylvania Anthracite region and skip the sleepy coal town... decisions, decisions.

I also wrapped up my kitbash of the Heljan sand and fuel kit, addind a bit of the UP Bailey Yard to the mix.

Bailey yard:

Read more about the kitbash here:

My next plans will be to finish laying track, build the viaduct, and wire to FINALLY see the trains run. Until next time...

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