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First Time Loco Detailing

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I decided I wanted to expand on my modeling skills by tackling a Loco Detailing project. I recently purchased a trio of Kato SD70M's (2596, 2599, 2608). I went out and purchased a few BLMA parts and accesories and had at it.

I started with #2596. The trio before:

I began by painting the handrails and step sills. Then installed an Atlas MU hose, wipers, sunshades, and a cut lever.

#2596 after:

The proto:

I'll admit I made some errors. As per the instructions, I attempted to scrape off the molded wipers with an exacto, and managed to scrape up the windshield. Also when installing the cut lever, I attempted to install it with the mounting rings, but just could not fathom how a person with normal sized hands could manage it. So, with tail between my legs, I put the lever in place and glued it down. Maybe on the next one I will find a strategy that will make this possible. Lastly, because of the size of the coupler, I was forced to mount the Atlas MU hose higher than the proto to allow for the manueverability of the coupler. I also decided to stick with the stock MU Hoses and just paint the ends, as they looked fairly decent on their own.

Also, as per the proto, there should not really be a "whiteface" but rather a "uni-brow". I kind of like the whiteface and am trying to decide if I want to paint over most of it. I guess I'll make a decision sooner or later....

Thanks for looking.

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  1. Curto's Avatar
    How do those sun shades attach? And will the loco fit back in it's box with them on?
  2. logging loco's Avatar
    Looks really nice.
  3. Primavw's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Curto
    How do those sun shades attach? And will the loco fit back in it's box with them on?
    You need to drill two holes per side with a #80 drill bit. They have pegs that will slide right in. Yes it will fit in the jewel case when they are attached :thumbs_up:


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