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The Gears Are Turning

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I haven't had too much time lately to work on my layout, but with a bit of time off coming up next week, I have been focusing on the brainstorming of what industries I would like my "empire" to serve. I have been scouring the interwebs for a few different kits. I have found myself very impressed by Walthers' kits. So far I am looking at a "Allied Rail Rebuilders" kit as well as a discontinued "Mills Bros Lumber". I also plan on scratchbuilding a proto of the Susquehanna Coal Power Plant located in Selinsgrove, Pa. I also have a Scenic Ridge builsing set squirrelled away and plan on building a town.

This is what my trackplan looks like after I played around with MS paint.

As you can see I found little spots for a few different industries. I am also toying with the idea of building a viaduct to connect to the tressle in the center of the layout. This would enable me to expand and place a yard under it. I'd also like to create a siding for fuel and sand service for my locos. I do have to acrue some more turnouts, (about 100 bucks worth) which I have been delaying since we just celebrated Christmas.

I have been waiting patiently for Internettrains to deliver a few items. I will be recieving the sand and fuel kit as well as some loco detailing items. I also have a Digitrax Zephyr kit in the mail which I purchased with some Christmas money. So I guess we can begin throwing cash into the "DCC decoder" money pit.

I will also need to pick up an auto-reverse module for the "dogbone" return loop on the far right of the layout. I decided to work this in since I needed a way to reverse my locos so I wasn't perpetually stuck in a "clockwise" travel spiral.

I purchased a few Woodland Scenics riser kits, but managed to run out of 1/2" risers, so I am out of options for the layout right now. And as soon as I get all of the turnouts and risers, I will be right back for roadbed. But thats in the future.

Well that concludes my little update for now. Hopefully in the upcoming weeks I will make some picture worthy progress but for now, I think the above trackplan is enough to show what the future holds for this layout. Thanks for looking...

*As a bonus... here's a NS Geep Highnose my grandfather gave me for Christmas:

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  1. Primavw's Avatar
    I also forgot to mention, and apparently can't edit this post: I plan on the lower left side of the layout to be complete with a "levee" and plan on building a stucture similar to the one at Mauch Chunk Lake's dam to simulate the water control that will allow the water to flow out of the bottom of the dam. I'll post more details when I get there...


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