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Laying Track

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I managed to start laying track. I have been chipping away at it every so often, but working third shifts are a roadblock. So far I'm about 50-70% with laying track. I used flex track for many of the turns but did rely on snaptrack at times.

I've also run out of turnouts (only bought half because of Christmas), but will acquire them in due time.

Unfortunately the best shot I have right now...

I am starting to fight the urge to "edit" my track plan. I'm starting to consider grades, and am unsure if all the curves are necessary. Meh... we'll see...

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N Scale


  1. HemiAdda2d's Avatar
    Nothing wrong with editing a track plan. My last 2 layouts started with no trackplans; just a vision of what I wanted. Most of my layout changes improved running, others by necessity. Your sweeeping, smooth flowing curves look great! What is your min rad? How big is this plan?
  2. Primavw's Avatar
    min radius is about 12"... I am using flextrack so it gives me "flexibility". I am trying to keep all curves above 11". My layout is a 4.5'x8' L shape its about 3' deep on both sides


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