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Carolina, Chicopee & Central Illinois Railway

Ballast and Switches

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I haven't updated my blog for a good while, so it is time for another update!

The entire yard has been ballasted with old ballast I had on hand that had been in storage for years. The yard tracks are ballasted with Woodland Scenics Dark Fine Ballast, the Main track and the runaround ballasted with Medium Gray Fine Ballast. I used a 1/3 Water, 1/3 Rubbing Alcohol, 1/3 Matte Medium mixture for gluing ballast down. This worked very well for me. I intentionally let some of the painted road bed show on the yard tracks to help show the lack of maintenance. These areas will be painted black later to look like muddy areas of ballast due to poor drainage.

The four yard tracks are only accessible from one end, to replicate several prototype situations I laid Code 55 rail towards the ends of the yard tracks and Code 70 through the switches and the yard lead, this poorly maintained yard with light rail is really beginning to look the part.

I am also hand laying all of the yard switches in Code 70 using Central Valley's #5 switch kits. I had some difficulty assembling the first one, especially soldering rails together for the frog. Practice makes perfect!

First completed switch in the yard, there are three others that are now complete as of this writing.

A lot of different power in the yard today including Seaboard Coast Line GP7 #1027, a dirty Pennsylvania GP30 #2203 and Chicago & Eastern Illinois F3A #1200.

I am now in the planning stages of levels #2 and #3 and an elevator to allow trains to depart the yard on the bottom level and arrive at the top without climbing a 12% grade. This room is 4' by 10'

The next blog probably wont come until the new year, so I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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