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The Newest Addition Comes Home (HO Scale)

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Well today was a brief run to the local train show. First off, I sold the CTA Green Hornet PCC. Overall, I kept telling myself that I was okay with something when I wasn't. And I needed the money for something else. And since I only really bought it because it said "Wrigley Field" on it, I felt it was time to part ways. I sold it for 150 to my local Hobby Shop/Distributors. I'm sad to see it go, but Perhaps someone else will enjoy it more than I will.

But I digress and we move on. Ashes to Ashes and all. I decided to take my standard show budget (20 to 40 dollars) and try to walk away with something I should have bought months ago. Remember that Athearn R-T-R BN Wide Vision Caboose? Yeah.... I was looking at an Atlas Standard BN Cupola Caboose when the Athearn was bought and I regretted it to this day. So for 14 bucks I bought it. This Atlas Caboose is Ready to run but the difference is it has grab irons mounted on it. Smoke stack support wires, roof wires, etc. I'm happy with this. This caboose now officially marks the first of many Cabeese on the HO Scale Wolfcreek & Iron Mountain.

So what am I going to do with it? Here's a quick run down:
Kadee #5 Couplers w/ Trip Pins Cut to the Coupler Bottom
Hi-Tech or Details West Air Hoses
Details West Motorola Firecracker Antenna (Painted PollyScale ATSF Silver)
Tomar Industries Red-Green Rear Marker Lamps (Wired In)
Ring Engineering EOT & Matching Truck
Keystone Locomotive Works Caboose Interior (MAYBE; Have to Confirm It Fits)
|-Interior Painted Light Green
Preiser US Freight Crew Figures
Light to Medium Weathering

That's what's on the list so far. Changes are always somewhere down the pipeline. I am okay to type this and say "I Love Atlas" and not have it come off as a product plug. I do love Atlas and their quality. But my projects aren't done yet.

I picked up on eBay a Details West TT-2 Hitch pack for my Atlas TOFC. This will be accompanied by a standard jar of Testor's orange paint. I also ordered a microscale decal sheet for the hitches. This will be done by someone who knows what their doing. The TOFC will also recieve light to moderate weathering.

As for the quick run down of the local show. This wasn't the month to be buying anything. The standard "hobby shop" dealers kept their prices low, and the garage sale people jacked theirs up by triple. December is always the time when prices come down. So next month, I'm on the prowl for Atlas Masterline Equipment. Or Exactrail. Assuming I can find my camera, which is ticking me off that I cannot, I'll grab some pics of my mocked up "railyard" on my fireplace mantle. And by mocked up I mean it's a bunch of Life-Like Power-Loc track sitting next to each other. Looks good for display.

I'll bring another blog update in when the trailer hitches arrive. This should be a bit easier to assemble with the materials that Details West uses vs the cheap plastic that was used on Atlas' kit. So until then.
-DragonFyreGT aka Snowball aka Nate

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