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But what about the freight train?!

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Yeah. I got asked this a lot when mentioning my passenger set ups. "What? No Freight Train?!" Working on it. I had very little money to work with and it's now gone. Most of which was spent setting up the 10-Car Walthers Burlington Northern Coaches (I wanted a full set for reasons that are blatently obvious) and the Rainbow Fleet. But I did pick up a few purchases and my Freight Train consists of the following:

Kato SD-70MAC Burlington Northern Executive Colors (<3 this unit so much)
Walthers R-T-R Chessie System PS-2 Covered Hopper (Name one person who doesn't love Chessie the kitten)
Atlas Master Series BTTX Articulated Auto Carrier (I mentioned I got this sometime a couple years ago already)*
Atlas Master Series FEC (Florida East Coast) Trailer On Flat Car (TOFC)(Working on getting new Trailer Hitches)
Athearn R-T-R Burlington Northern Chicago City Trailer for the above mentioned TOFC
Athearn R-T-R Burlington Northern Wide Vision Caboose**

*This is not prototypical in BN's lifetime, but it is in MY BN's lifetime. In my world, the BNSF Merger happened but in a different route. Instead of the BNSF, it was just "The Burlington Northern." ATSF Warbonnets fell to the likes of the Cascade Green Jolly Giants of the Pacific Northwest. Burlington Northern became a direct competitor to Union Pacific who already had merged and absorbed many lines. This means that I will have Dash-9's and ES44AC's in Executive Paint or Cascade Green Paint.

**This item is currently trying to be sold. I'm looking to replace it with an Atlas BN Caboose, because I perfer Atlas' attention to detail.

Now I have many BN Freight manifests listed down on paper, but I cannot do them all at once. I'm starting small. The first goal is to grab all the BN City trailers/containers from Athearn. Those were unique, imo, and I wanted to build a train around them. I started with Chicago because that's my home, well the area around it, but the Chicago-Aurora Racetrack for sure was my home back in Westmont, Illinois. Next will be Minneapolis, the former headquarters of the BN themselves. And so forth.

The Kato unit was an impulse buy that I'm 50-50 on. A lot of the detail parts got broken and I need replacements, but the unit runs so smoothly. I did figure out how to pop the shell off, so I plan to put some engineer figures in there. How many people do that? Not many. I'd say I'm in the good 20 percent of HO Scale people who do that. Weathering will be done, but down the road. I haven't figured out how to do that and I don't trust any of my skills to do it right. Even with practice, I'm too freaked about screwing up my good models.

Next on the priorty lists are the following:
A) Details West TT-2 Hitches
B) Testors Orange Paint (no PollyScale)
C) Sell Athearn R-T-R Caboose
D) Grab Atlas BN Caboose
E) Well I haven't gotten that far.

Because I'm doing 1970 to 1995 and 1996-Present, I have to balance cars with EOT's and Cabeese. My lifespan version of the layout will contain cabeese on all the freight trains. Not realistic post 1980, I know, but There's something about the Caboose that just makes a train feel like a train. The Modern "era" of the BN will be mostly EOT's with Cabeese serving on branchline locals and MOW Trains. Goofy I know. But I don't care.

This Sunday is the Great Midwestern Train Show @ Du Page County Fairgrounds in Wheaton, IL. So the goal is to budget in my TT-2 Hitches (6.20 from a reliable online seller...SHIPPED) and my Atlas Caboose. Also, the G-Scale Aristocraft PCC is going to be sold. It underperforms, in my eyes and is just not what I was personally expecting. To tell myself that I enjoy it, would be lying. I just...don't. I wanted it because of it's name "Wrigley Field". and as you can see by my Profile pic.... I bleed cubbie blue.

I will post here a post show update. But until then. Later.
-DragonFyreGT aka Snowball aka Nate

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