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Carolina, Chicopee & Central Illinois Railway

Tie Strip Progress

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Since my last update I completed the roadbed installation and painted this section of the layout according to the plan I mention in my last post.

In this posting I am documenting the placement of the Central Valley 9' Main line and 8' Branch line ties. I began by placing the switch tie strips for the switch kits. In this section of the layout all of the switches are #5 Code 83 or Code 70 switches. The Code 83 switches will be used on the cross over from the Main and the Arrival/Departure Run-around track. The switches for the yard tracks will all be laid as Code 70.

After the switches were glued down the tie strip ends were glued together in a long "ribbon" of ties. A light application of wood glue was applied to the road bed and the tie strips were flopped over onto the road bed and aligned. Push pins held the ties into place until the glue set up.

Next up: Soldering feeders to rail sections and switch kit assemblies.

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  1. gregamer's Avatar
    That looks real nice. Good job.


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