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Campp's Railfan Adventures

Layout 6 begins...

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Greetings from the Bonita River Valley! Almost a year has passed since any visible modeling progress in the train room. But I have been busy planning.

With help of family, we welded up a set of six brackets for the new layout. These babies are made of 1.5" x 1.5" L-shaped steel, 1/4" thick, and weigh in at 12 pounds apiece. I expect them to hold my substrate firmly out to 36". These measure 32" x 32":

There are 3 holes on the horizontal to attach to modular plywood sections. There are 4 holes on the verticals to screw the brackets to wall studs.

I slathered on some liquid Rustoleum, and will probably re-finish the brackets before final install. The plan is for a plywood base, and 1" foam on top of that. I'm planning to mount the whole layout high enough on the wall that standard furniture (such as a dresser) will easily fit underneath.

Stronger, lighter, faster, cleaner, and cheaper than wood bench work. Not only that, I can unscrew them from the wall and move it all elsewhere! :thumbs_up:

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  1. HemiAdda2d's Avatar
    Go big or go home. You could almost hoist a motor out of your car with a stout bracket like that. Looks like it will do the trick nicely.
  2. campp's Avatar
    I could park a Volkswagen on those things.
  3. gregamer's Avatar
    Holy smokes! Heavy duty. That should give you a nice firm base.


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