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My Little Railroad Buddy

O'Brien - oNeTrak module

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I started this module wanting to use some of the structures I had already built.

Reiten Models - Bingen Warehouse and Laser Cut Transfer Dock

The scenery will be loosely based on my hometown, Kent, WA. With a mix of modern warehouses as well as some old standby industries. I'm thinking -

  • A Lumber Dealer
  • A Plasitc Packaging Plant
  • A Hardwood Flooring Company
  • A Team Track and Old Transfer Dock

I'm also thinking wet. Like it just rained.

My starting track plan

Oh yeah, and the name is an actual locale that exists north of Kent and south of Orillia. My grandmother mentioned the name one time and it has stuck with me. (She grew up in Orillia when it was still a town).

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Updated July 26th, 2011 at 04:14 AM by gregamer

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  1. gregamer's Avatar
    I decided to outfit O'Brien with a specific fleet of cars:

    • 4 centerbeam flatcars and 2 high cube boxcars for the lumber yard.
    • 4 plastics hoppers for HobbyPak
    • 1 boxcar and 1 tankcar for Russell Distributors
    • 2 Atlas GP38 locos

    I weathered these cars and a few others over the last couple of days to be ready for this weekends show. Most of the weathering was done by dry-brushing acrylics and sealing with Dullcote. I used some graffiti decals and also tried my hand at drawing them on with paint pens and sharpies.

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    I built crate ends out of 1/2" plywood and bolted them to the modules. I installed casters (not pictured) to make it much easier to slide the module around. The crated modules fit easily into my Ford Focus wagon. Eventually, I'd like to integrate the skyboards in to the crate.
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    My first show was Maple Valeey 2011. The module worked great, and people said they really enjoyed switching it.

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  7. gregamer's Avatar
    After the big debut in October for the Maple Valley Train Show, O'Brien sat crated in my garage for most of November. I did rip out the 14 ga. accessory bus wire and replace it with 12 ga. wire.

    I also took some time to finish building and painting the primary and some secondary structures. I brought the modules inside last week and started scenicking this week.

    My big project was to plant the wetlands. I used a lot of HO Scenemasters plants, including Cattails, Water Lillies, Stinging Nettles and Ferns. I used some grass tufts, grass tuft shrubbs and polyfiber. I cleaned out my boxes of trees and bought a few more Grand Central Gems and Bachmann Scenescapes trees.

    I'm very happy with the look, I ended up planting less than I thought I would need. I used most on the drainage ditch and a little on the retaining pond.
  8. gregamer's Avatar
    I got luck at the Boeing Employees Train Show and sat next to a guy selling lumber stacks and loads. I traded him a couple things for stacks of lumber to outfit O'Brien Lumber.

  9. gregamer's Avatar
    Russell distributors got painted and striped and caulked into place, along with an outbuilding to for the bulk lease spot.

    HobbyPak Plastics got a couple of paint jobs until I decided just to give up and settle with what it looks like now.

  10. gregamer's Avatar
    I haven't posted photos in a while, these were from my third show, UNW 2012 - Monroe, WA Feb 4-5, 2012.

    I finished HobbyPak and installed silos and piping to suck all those plastic pellets out of the hoppers.

    I've glued all of the buildings in to place and added cars & trucks. I also added a few signs (just after I took these photos).
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