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My Little Railroad Buddy

Tacoma Northwest Trainshow

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Burlington coal drag headed by IM F3A&B (my first locos) pull a string of Trainworx Quad Hoppers

Great Northern Empire Builder. With 4 Kato cars, 3 new Rapido "Panorama" cars, and a brand new Centralia Car Shops Observation Car
What a fun show. I finally got to run some of my treasured trains. The Trainworx coal drag, the Empire Builder, two new Atlas GP 38s, a Kato NW2 & a pair of Kato SD45s.

I also got more familiar with using the Digitrax DT402D throttle. I learned how to program addresses, MU & dispatch locos. I'm even comfortable running two trains at once.

I was also lucky to have my dad bring my two young sons to the show and let them have fun. They were most happy riding on a real steam train and an old diesel.

Polson Logging #70. 2-8-2

NP 7012A. F9

I picked up a new Centralia Car Shops GN Empire Builder Observation Car "Kootenai River". And a nicely weathered ExactRail SP Grain Hopper.

It is truly nice to come together with people who enjoy this hobby and run some trains. It was nice to see my 4D N-Trak club & the rail fans Peter and Neil. My friend Bert stopped by. And I made a new friend Tyler.


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