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Alaska Shipping - Freemo-N module

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I've started a new Freemo-N module called Alaska Shipping. The module is 16" wide and 42" long.

I started with a frame that was based on one presented by Dave Falkenburg Free-Mo N.

I used 3/4" plywood for the sides, endplates and bracing. The legs are secured to the frame with 1/4" bolts and wing nuts. I'd like to make a template and route out identical endplates and leg plates.

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Updated April 25th, 2011 at 05:39 AM by gregamer

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  1. gregamer's Avatar
    I wanted to try spline subroadbed. I used 1/8" hardboard as the splines and glued them together with Elmer's Carpenter glue. I notched an 1/8" slot at the center of each endplate, to anchor the center spline in.

    I also used a spacer row of spline, in order to leave slots to easily drop feeders between.
  2. gregamer's Avatar
    I'll be using Caboose ground throws on this module. I cut away the cork roadbed and instead used 1/8" hardboard as a base for the switch and switch stand. I cut slots into the base to allow room for the ground throw contacts and the throw bar attachment pins.

    I cut the base all the way to the end, so I would have a solid base to epoxy some PCB ties all the way to the end of the module. I'll be running rail to the ends and using alignment holes to mate this module with other modules.
  3. gregamer's Avatar
    I've been working on laying out the West End of Town. The feature will be Alaska Shipping (AMB Trackside Transfer)

    I think I'll be using Woodland Scenics Clyde and Dales Barrel Factory on the East side of the tracks.
  4. gregamer's Avatar
    Instead of a swamp, I decided to model an alley and street front. I've always wanted to make an alley and street front scene on a hill, so I cut up a bunch of styrene and came up with a pretty decent alley.

    I had the outer buildings already built, but I needed a filler for the middle building, so I ran out and bought a DPM Raodkill Cafe and put it together this afternoon.
  5. gregamer's Avatar
    I got some better pictures of the street front view.

  6. gregamer's Avatar
    I wanted to see how it will look once all the buildings get placed so I did a mockup.

    I think I really like how it looks. I need to find a better building for the southwest corner, right now it has Walther's Dayton Machine Shop. Maybe I'll try a gas station.
  7. gregamer's Avatar
    I wired up the contacts for the Caboose 224S Ground Throw. And Installed the turnout for Alaska Shipping.

    The track is glued down with tacky glue, and the ground throw is held in place with two track nails.

    I need to get one more ground throw for the turnout to Clyde & Dales Barrel Factory on the west side of the tracks. I went to 5 local train stores in the last two days and none of them had the Caboose 224S. Looks like I'll have to buy online.
  8. gregamer's Avatar

    I ran the bus wires tonight, I ran a third bus wire to handle the private track (both spurs), that will jumper up with the track bus in Freemo-N mode or be usable as the green private bus in oNetrak mode. That way I can use this module with either oNetrak or Freemo-N. I have a pair of UP-3 panels I should be installing soon, but first I'd like to fit the fascia.

    I've been doing a lot of preliminary scenery work, fitting buildings, streets, sidewalks, parking areas, trees, gardens, crossings, telephone poles. I've built another building DPM Roadkill Cafe, and found the final building for the module Walthers State Line Farm Supply.

    I need to go back and shave the legs down a little, it's just too hard to slide them in to position. Also, I'm trying to come up with a semi-permanent way to attach the buildings, I'd like to be able to pry them up to detail interiors at some point.

    I only have a couple of track peices installed (The turnout to Alaska Shipping and the Alaska Shipping spur). I've been trying to get all of my scenery figured out before I glue the rest of the track down and I've been trying to get another Caboose 224S ground throw to set in the second turnout.

    Damn this is fun!
  9. gregamer's Avatar

    I drilled several 2" holes to lighten up the module, but I don't think it did much. I also trimmed the leg assemblies to fit better in to the module frame. And attached the Chinatown fascia.
  10. gregamer's Avatar

    I've always wanted a Chinatown, so why not spice it up and add some oriental flourishes to make it so.

    I've got the basic road & building layout set and most of the details are falling in to place. Nothing is glued down yet just a trial run. The signature details will be that little Chinese Gate & of course the Chinese restaurant.
  11. gregamer's Avatar

    The signature here is the giant Grand Central Gems tree. I love the idea of a small private courtyard, and this building lends itself easily to that purpose. I'd like to squeeze some power poles along this sidewalk, but don't know if I want to trim that magnificent tree to make it beleivable. I'll also be installing railing along the sidewalk to keep my N scale people from falling into the garden and courtyard below.
  12. gregamer's Avatar

    I needed a trench to make the track head level with the concrete in through the Alaskan Steamship Warehouse. I scraped out the top layer of cork. The new track runs through the Alaskan Steamship Warehouse.
  13. gregamer's Avatar

    Chinatown streets and drilling the courtyard railing.

    Made of styrene and painted with a base Testors enamel "Aircraft Grey" and washed with acylics dark gray and tarnished black.
  14. gregamer's Avatar

    I thought I had this thing all lined up when I glued it down, but something happened. Luckily I used tack glue and was able to wet it, loosen it and reset it.
  15. gregamer's Avatar

    I drilled progressively larger holes to route the stem, wiring and actuating arm of the NJ. International Crossing Gates. The wiring gets routed through a straw to the underside of the module.
  16. gregamer's Avatar

    I didn't have a specific track plan when I started, just I new it had to have a main, and I wanted to work in some buildings. So instead of spending hours coming up with a track plan, I just made it as I went along.
  17. gregamer's Avatar

    Click Image for YouTube Video.

    I've wired up just a couple of sections. They both tested well. Just need to finish feeders and scotchlock them to the buses.
  18. gregamer's Avatar
    On the Mailine

    And Bridge Joints on the Stub

  19. gregamer's Avatar
    I built the last major building for the module

    Walthers Cornerstone "State Line Farm Supply" I'm modeling it as an auto repair shop and plan to add a little detail to the interior.
  20. gregamer's Avatar

    I glued my styrene roads in place using silconized sanded grout that was colored grey. I've never heard of using grout before, but I thought the color would match the roadway pretty well, so I tested a small piece of road and it held well.
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