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Bridge Re-Dedicated and a Caboose

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Up first this morning was a trip to Nevada City. Dave Braun recently passed away and his ex West Side/Swayne Lumber caboose is now at the railroad museum. Definately gonna take some work but plans are to restore her to the as built Swayne Lumber condition. Also caught the guys having some fun in the shop building a soapbox derby car.

The Nevada Co Traction hasn't run in awhile and while visiting the area, I was able to give it a onceover as well. Re-shot all the motive power. Seems much damage was done to the rails in this years storms with many pine trees being knocked down. Also without maintenence, the tracks are starting to get quite overgrown in places. Its too bad, this was a fun little two different guage ride.

This afternoon entailed attending a re-dedication of the Mountain Quarries RR bridge near Auburn,CA as an historical place. Unfortunately sometime earlier this year vandals stole the commemorative plaques. Several different groups and departments were able to raise the money for replacements and I was invited for the unveiling ceremony.

Amongst other things discussed were some ideas being thrown around for the 100th year anniversary of the bridge that takes place just under a year from now. Looks like some interesting plans may be taking shape. Can't wait to see what happens.

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  1. John Barnhill's Avatar
    Just a quick note. I've been invited to be on the committee for the 100th year anniversery of the bridge and railroad that will be celebrated next year. Our first meeting will be May 24th. Cool stuff! :D


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