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Railroad Way & Triangle Hotel

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I've been pondering the idea of modeling Railroad Avenue in Seattle. I think this area was an important byway between the major rail yards of Seattle and the Seattle waterfront. And the area is of great interest to me since I work the old NP Main at the north end of Stacy Yard on a regular basis.

The area I'm considering modeling would run from Railroad Way to the Seattle waterfront and include a pier or two. With selective compression to maximize landmarks.

Railroad Way

Pier 54

The Triangle Hotel which Sits at the corner of 1st Avenue and Railroad Way. Will be a feature of the module. Since it is handily available in N-Scale.

Triangle Hotel

Micro Structures - Triangle Hotel

As an N-Track module, the 3 mainlines will represent the waterfront access from NP and Pacific Coast from Stacy Yard; and Milwaukee and Up access from Argo and Whatcom yard.

Stacy Yard 1950ish. South of modeled area.

GN access for Railroad Way will intersect with the N-Trak branch line, and run to the 10" branchline.

Other ideas I'm considering would be to model the Federal Warehouse and Coast Guard Dock at Atlantic Street. The Alaskan Way viaduct. King Street Station in the background just up the road from Railroad

These are some preliminary ideas. I still need to do a lot of research to get this right. I don't know exactly where to go to research this more, I did find some photos at the NP Historical archive website and a few random photos online.

Not sure of era, but I'm thinking 40's to 60's.

I also need to figure out how train to ship interchange was handled.

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