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The Flimsy Fanatic

Making some changes to my web site

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For a while now I have been adding web pages, but none were tied to any index or my home web page.

There is now a link off my home page:

Scroll down to the "TOUR" button and click. This takes you to an index of all my train order collection displayed to date and also Milwaukee Road depot/substation blueprints link.

More to come, as I am presently working on B&M train orders. Hopefully those will be up by the first week of April.

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Updated July 16th, 2011 at 03:34 PM by BoxcabE50



  1. fitz's Avatar
    Ken, that helps to find your way around your site. Your blueprints are fascinating. I wish I was more into train orders, but am not.
  2. BoxcabE50's Avatar

    Lots more to come. I have the new B&M page well under way. Eventually will have NYC up. That will be quite a project.

    What's ad is how many people don't know the great information which can be gleaned from such papers as train orders.


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