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My Little Railroad Buddy

Preschool Module Progress

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I've been asked to talk about trains, train safety and model trains for my son's preschool this March. So I'm building a module for the preschoolers to play with.

This module began as a test for an N-Trak module, using mainly 1/4" plywood. I thought the module was too flimsy for N-Trak use, but perfect for a small kids layout.

A couple of weeks ago I topped that module with foam and dubbed it the Preschool Module. This afternoon, I added legs and tested (see Started some oNeTrak modules - blog entry) out some Unitrack.

I started by making pockets for the legs.

I cut 24" legs and installed set screw and eye bolts for adjustable feet.

I used cabinet catches to hold the legs in place.

The legs were wobbly so I installed lots of bracing.

I opted for simple 9 3/4" radius Unitrack oval.

And the boys loved it! We played trains right up until bed time.

I'm really liking building this module as it is giving me an opportunity to test out new techniques.

More photos in my Preschool Module album.

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  1. gregamer's Avatar
    Thanks. I think I'll bring it out tomorrow. The kids have been begging me to play with the preschool layout.
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