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Flimsies! (Train Orders)

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Already mostly forgotten, these papers were THE primary method of controlling and advancing trains safely, for well over one hundred and thirty years. They were used not just in the USA, or North America, but all around the world in varying styles.

Now it has been twenty years and more since the greatest number of railroads discontinued their use of these forms. Most in railroading today could not apply the use of this simple system. (Many even refer to other types of paperwork, as train orders, which most definitely are not!) If so-called "modern" electronic communications and computer systems should ever fail, virually all of railroading would be in instant gridlock.

Where seen in the model railroading community, 99.9% use them inappropriately.

Meanwhile, few in the railroadiana community have the smarts to grab and save these precious artifacts. Which are not just historic in nature, but works of art in themselves.

A bit of a tour, showing just some small parts of my flimsy collection. From places which all too often no longer even exist:

More to come, as time allows. :tb-biggrin:

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  1. olina's Avatar
    I'm here! I think your information is very good, but I can't open the web in our country! That' too bad T_T
  2. BoxcabE50's Avatar
    I'm sorry you cannot see those pages. It is difficult to know why these troubles arise.


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