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N-Trak Test Module

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I built an N-Trak / oNeTrak test module frame this weekend using some scrap lumber I had on hand. I used 1x4 pine for the ends and lateral bracing. 1/4" plywood for the sides. 1/8" plywood for the top and 3/4" square strips for bracing.

Module Top.

Module Front.

Module Bottom.

Module Bottom Closeup.

All joints were glued secured with 5/8" finishing brads. A few nails were used when I ran out of brads.

I built the deck 1" below the end profile to accommodate 1" sheet Styrofoam.

The module turned out pretty sturdy from front to back, side to side and top to bottom, however there is some flexing when the module is stressed diagonally. I'm not sure if the flexing is due to the thinness of the sides and deck or the orientation of the lateral bracing or all.

It's kind of a pain cutting a bunch of wood bracing to compensate for the thinness of the sides.

I think I'll stop at this point and try to make another test module using 1x4 ends and sides and lateral bracing, with either an 1/8" deck or a 1/4" deck.

This is fun. I love building things.


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