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Starting Over

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A couple of years ago I started this blog following the construction of the Gulf & Ohio Midland. I let the blog go by the wayside over the last couple years and much has changed since then.

My wife and I closed on a 1,300 SF home with 2-car garage today and we will be working over the next 3 to 4 weeks fixing a few things and painting a lot of walls. We are very happy with our new home purchase but it lacks one essential elemnt for any model railroader.... there is no basement!

Sure, it IS a 3 bedroom ranch but we are planning on having kids in another year and a half or two years. Why build a layout in a bedroom to have to take it back down within 5 years? Well, it only leaves me with one option.

The previous owner of our home completely remodeled the whole house but left one small "room" (or a "large closet" might be more applicable here) completely unfinished... no drywall and no insulation. A 4' x 10' room that I can do anything I want to in.

My goal, over time, is to show progress of my closet railroad. Three levels of handlaid track and switches, scratchbuilt buildings and aspects of railroading not often modeled. Now, I won't be modeling to Proto:87 levels but I am aiming for detail and realism since I can't railroad on a grander scale in such limited space.

My plan is to have the top two levels of the layout to be on one wall as 18" by 6' shelves. Both levels will tie in to a 4' x 4' helix built into the back of the room. The bottom level will have a 18" wide shelf that will run from the bottom of the helix out to a work desk where I can repair cars and construct kits. The work desk would be "behind" a locomotive facility and be like a car shop for Bad Order cars.

On paper it seems like a good idea. I hope to draw up and more complete plan for each level and have something to present for discussion and criticism at a future date.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Railroad Bill's Avatar
    Ahhh ... looking to move, too, and my trainroom could become a storage room w/rights to me ... about 10x8 ... plan would be 2 levels w/grades, no helix, yards on level 1 and semi-arid terrain above ... your planning s.b. valuable to me ... hope I can help w/thots, etc. ...

    Of course, I'm N-scale ... do it, man, make the switch!
  2. southerntiertrains's Avatar
    No basement in that ranch but with that room you can do alot of railroading in HO dont listen to the EVIL N -scalers lol
  3. BoxcabE50's Avatar
    If a helix won't work, how about an elevator system? Would take up less square footage. Didn't someone have an article on this, in an issue of MRP?


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