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Layout 5 dismantled

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So I finally got around to tearing out Layout Five. I knew it was only a short-term loop layout from the git-go, and it made it about 2 years. That's OK, because I think I'm ready for a MUCH better layout, more to come on that. :thumbs_up:

Anyway, I tore out a large bank of cabinets in the train room that were pretty much sub-par. Upon loosing 14 very large drawers, I was forced to go thru my N-scale empire, and weed out the unnecessary. I tossed all the useless packaging, as well as some stuff I'll never get around to using. I was brutal.

Here's what's left:

Going counter-clockwise from top left: Paint/Glue/Decals/Chalks; Electrical bus, DCC, DC, and Blue Points; Purple bin: Model buildings, detail parts, trees, bridges, unbuilt kits, and Woodland Scenics; Rolling Stock at bottom; Toolkit; Trucks and Autos; 4-axle locos; 6-axle locos; Track Gang Box; Rolling Stock in jewel cases; Ballast Gang Box; and behind that rolling detail parts and loads.

The new layout will be an around-the-room double main, plus more to keep it interesting. Stay tuned!

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Updated August 9th, 2011 at 04:23 PM by campp

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