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Halland Control Panel - I'm almost finished

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It's taken a while; with several rewires, a few bad SPDT switches and a lot of head scratching, but I'm almost done.

Halland Control Panel

I tested the Jump Throttle just a minute ago and it works! I've also tested all of the switch ports. And they all work! Last step is wiring these Tortoise motors to the switch ports and It'll be operational.

Halland Control Wiring revision 2 of 4.

Eventually I replaced the solid wire poitive and negative buses with eurostyle terminals.

Overall, the control panel controls 14 turnouts via 12 SPDT switches, with Bi-Color LEDs wired in series for indication. I used the Double DC method described in the Tortoise manual. The Jump throttle is simply a 12V DC connected to potentiomer (for speed control) connectd to a DPDT switch (for direction) connected to the Zephyr jump ports.

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  1. gregamer's Avatar

    Halland Yard Control Panel - Installed and operational.

    I've finished and installed the control panel. It works as intended. I could probably have used a lower resistance potentiometer for the jump throttle, because as it is now, it doesn't start the locomotive until you've turned the pot 2/3 of the way to full. The connections on the back are a simple slip on 4 position 1mm connecter. It would have been better if I had installed a locking connector, as this system is susceptiple to jiggling.


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