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Dispatcher Control Panel

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That old bug has hit me again, and I'm going to try and tackle a more permanent control panel. I'll be using a CML Electronics DTM16. It has 20 function cells, so I can run 20 turnouts.

The panel will only control part of the layout, I'm just not sure what the boundaries will be. I'll probably start in Halland Yard and select the 20 closest turnouts, including all of Union Station. Of course that will leave me without any occupancy indication cells, so maybe, I'll need to scale it back some.

Anyway, I'm starting this project like any responsible model railroader: I bought $50 worth of supplies, now I need to come up with a plan.

I'll be mounting bi-color T1 LEDs and tactile switches on a 10" x 4" PC board. Then I'll build a foam rubber sandwich layer, followed by a printed panel diagram and faced with a clear laminate. What I'm hoping to end up with is a smooth surfaced panel.

I'm not sure what kind of material to use for the surface, I'm going to try printing on transparency paper, clear styrene, and clear abs. It has to be flexible enough to withstand depressing the sub surface buttons.

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  1. css29's Avatar
    I would like to see a picture when your done. I have not even thought about a control panel for my layout.
  2. gregamer's Avatar

    Halland Yard, Union Station and surrounds. I printed this out on a transparency and need to check it for alignment with the holes in the 10" x 4" PC board I purchased.


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