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Layout Progress Report - May 2010

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I've been wanting to start some scenery and so over the last six months, I've plunged myself into building downtown & adjacent Old Town. Downtown proper sits above North Union Station and is the site of the Daily News and several large office buildings, it is also the site of Union Station (serving GN & NP) railroads.

I started the project by crafting a sheet steel backdrop. The steel came in a roll sold as roof flashing. I chose steel, because I wanted to be able to magnetically attach low profile background buildings. I used a metal brake to bend the sheet, and painted it with rattle cans.

Downtown background crafted out of sheet steel.

Downtown sits atop North Union Station, so I needed to craft a platform for the buildings to sit atop. I used 1/4" plywood for this and designed the platform to be easily removable, in case I need to retrieve derailed trains. The platform is also known as Station Street

Downtown sits atop a platform crafted primarily of 1/4" plywood.

Station Street meets Thomas Avenue at Union Station.

I spent a lot of time building up the Daily Newspaper building. It sits at the corner of Station Street and Thomas Avenue, and is serviced via a stub track off of the Union Wye below. The building is made from Cornerstone Modulars. This also required installing a switch to serve this area. I decided to use a ground throw here.

The Daily Newspaper plant

New turnout with Caboose Ground Throw serves the Daily News.

I built a second bridge that spans the platforms at Union Station at James Street. This bridge rises out of Old Town in front of the Old Depot. The bridge is built using Rix Piers and Railings.

James Street Bridge

The Old Depot

Finally I fascia in the Downtown/Old Town area. I'm pretty much finished with working underneath the layout in this area, so I thought I'd make it look a little more finished.

Downtown fascia.

It's been a slow process, because I've had to build buildings or mock-up's to see how they would fit and where I could build roads. It's still far from complete, but I really like the direction I'm heading in.

To do
  • Refinish Station Avenue and Thomas Street
  • Build Union Station and Platforms
  • Build Downtown Buildings
  • Street Light and Building electrical
  • Make Roads
  • Build Freight House


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