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Ground Throws - N Scale

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I purchased a Caboose Industries sprung ground throw with contacts as well as a NJ International Switch Stand.

The Caboose ground throw needs to be assembled. Once installed they operate the turnout just great. Only problem is they are huge to scale.

The NJ International switch stand comes assembled. Installation requires making your own linkage. When operating with an Atlas code 55 switch, the targets do not move a full 90 degrees. There is a arm which can be used to throw the switch, but it's rather small and probably easier to throw the switch with a motor and use the switch stand as an indicator. The benefit is that these switch stands are pretty close to scale and look great.

some comparison photos:

And a video:

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  1. chooch.42's Avatar
    It may be helpful to apply the delicate stand in the manner shown in this reference from an (exhaustive 1000+page)"Olde" MOW book available thru Google...stand appears to be spiked to ONE tie of the headblock with the crank positioned between the two, connected to the throw rod. This will alleviate obstruction and allow for easier (if tiny) adjustments to the rotation of the target shaft. (Bottom Right of page)
    Hope it helps get you the desired result. Bob C.
  2. gregamer's Avatar
    Interesting page Bob. That may be a good way to go about installing that NJI switch stand.


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