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My Best Prototype Photos - 2009

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Surprisingly, I found a new hobby this year: photographing trains. On Trainboard we call this pastime Railfanning, but railroaders call it foaming (as in foaming at the mouth - to describe the rabid fanatics that we rail fans can be).

This post is a brief selection of some of my personal favorite photos I took in 2009.

We saw this old switcher at the Centralia Chehalis Railways. I believe it is an old Milwaukee Road 44 tonner.
Centralia, WA. June 12,2009. 10MP Kodak Camera.

Lorenzo and I went on a hunt to find the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus Train this year. We found the passnger consist at Auburn yard.
Auburn, WA. September 2009. 12MP Panasonic Camera

I took this photo in October 2009. We were waiting for the Duwamish River Drawbridge to lower so we could go to the UP Argo yard to get a train.
West Seattle. October 2009. 5MP Nikon Camera

I took this photo from the Amgen bridge that spans the tracks between North Portal and Galer Street. A garbage train is sitting on D7. We had just finished spotting a grain train from D6 to the Grain Elevator.
Interbay. September 9, 2009. 5MP Nikon Camera

I spotted this Milwaukee Road repaint at Stacy Yard in August. It stayed at Stacy for a few weeks, then sat at Balmer Yard for a couple more. Stacy Yard, Seattle. August 2009. 12MP Panasonic Camera

I took this from the Harbor Island overpass. The APL ship Spain is being service in the background.
Harbr Island. Seattle. December 12, 2009. Panasonic 12MP Camera.

I saw this beatifully restored at Metro's Atlantic Street base. It fits with the era I am modeling.
Seattle. August 2009. Panasonic 12MP Camera

BNSF 3444. Switching the Hole.
Stacy Yard. Seattle. December 11, 2009 Panaconic 12MP Camera

I watched these guys moving cars around at Seattle Bulk Rail on Harbor Island. We just spotted these loads and the Bulk Rail operator is switching them out.
Harbor Island. Seattle. November 2009. Panasonic 12MP Camera.

I spotted this White Pass & Yukon GEX3341 at Alaska Marine Lines West Marginal Dock. It sat for quite awhile and to my surprise when they loaded it out for shipment via BNSF flat car, there were actually 2 of them.
West Seattle. October 2009. Kodak 5MP Camera.

I've been through 3 cameras this year. All of them point and shoot:
  • A 5MP Nikon - which was broken by my son and will not zoom, but still takes photos.
  • A 10MP Kodak - which was broken at the beach on a family trip in June.
  • A 12MP Panasonic - which is still operational and is yielding some of my best shots.
My Best Photos 2009 Album

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  1. gregamer's Avatar
    Have you voted for the Prototype Photo of the Year?

    I have three photos in the contest -

    235 Switches the Hole

    MRL 36 - Milwaukee Road E9

    Seattle Bulk Rail

    I appreciate your vote.

    Thank You,



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