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2009 Layout Construction

Second Annual International (Winter) Layout Party

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Yes, it's commenced and there's a growing lineup of talent itching to get to work over the Holiday break. You may have noted I placed Winter in brackets in the title - it's not exactly cold this time of the year in Oz or over the small pond in Kiwiland.

This year's effort for myself is to lay the roadbed and track into Manilla Yard and Coon Rapids. The curved points from Atlas haven't materialised so the main will be laid to the same radius and the turnouts cut in when they (if) arrive. As I lay track I'm placing the Tortoises and Blue Points in so the fascia can be installed, the manual and electrical turnout controls can be finalised, and various accoutrements (cup and throttle holders, etc.) can be installed.

Also, myself and a small group of friends have started a modular layout based on T-Trak standards to keep ourselves interested in the 'larger' picture, ie our home layouts.

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