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On Lighting

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I went to the San Diego Model Railroad museum today and it just reminded me of my biggest pet peeve about Model Railroading. Lighting!!!!

GAH, 90% of the model railroad photos I've seen are horribly lit and even if they have enough light, they're so far into the yellow spectrum that pictures look horrid. The only shots I see that look right are taken outdoors.
In my garage, I replaced all the bulbs with GE daylight 6500K bulbs and It's made a huge difference. Now I need to add some more fixtures to get the intensity right.

The layouts in the museum are woefully underlit and the color temp is way off.

There's nothing that makes excellent prototypical work stink of fake more then the terrible lighting most people use.

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  1. SteamDonkey74's Avatar
    What? You mean you don't like lighting that makes everything look a shade of mustard brown? What's your deal?



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