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On The Road(bed) Again!

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I continued the mundane, yet necessary task of gluing down the foam Woodland Scenics roadbed with latex adhesive caulk - a job that was last done in early 2007! Here the colored pushpins are finally gone, and progress on the mainline trackage finally continues!

From the back end of the layout, a closer view of the incline curve. The inner track is on an elevated styrofoam rider, and I sawed the edges off to form sloping sides.

This short section of cork roadbed is here for a reason; it's the division between the two 4x4' halves of the layout. I've designed this layout to be easily divided in half in the event of moving! A short piece of track will go over the 3" cork section (made up of four pieces of roadbed), designed to be removed from the layout with some effort in order for the two halves to be separated.

A track-level view of the newly-installed roadbed.The track has been temporarily removed for now.

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