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Foaming At The Mountain

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Continuing my long-overdue layout construction, I spent most of this evening cutting my foam sheet into mountains:

BEFORE #1: The uncut sheet of blue extruded styrofoam, which will be cut for mountain-forming.

BEFORE #2: Future river/lake and canyon area.

AFTER #1: Mountain forms cut out of styrofoam sheet. BBQ skewers temporarily hold strofoam pieces together.

AFTER #2: View of river and canyon area. Styrofoam will be re-shaped into hills at a later date.

The container cars are a Deluxe Innovations doublestack set that can't be stored away so it remains on the tracks!

View of tunnel portal areas. Blocky styrofoam layers will be shaped into rolling hills at a later date.

Another Deluxe Innovations doublestack well car set rests on the mainline.

On the other side of the layout is a small hill/incline which will have a road crossing over both the yard (left) and the mainline (right).

The hill will be further shaped at a later date.

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