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Gee, it's Been a While!

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To say "Long Time, No See!" is the understatement of the year! Like many people, my model RR time has been competing with my other endeavors in life such as community organizing, playing music, work, travel and other interests.

This past week I finally got back into model RR'ing as I made a trip to a local foam supplier here in the Los Angeles area, and bought a sheet of 2" blue styrofoam.

Today I finally hunted down all the dust bunnies that have made my as-yet-unfinished N scale layout their home for the past two years. Besides, completing the layout or not, cleaning them off anyway was a good idea.

Of course, cleaning off the dust led me to actual layout construction I re-organized most of the clutter that rested on my layout and completed the cork base of the yard area.

Next priority is to finish gluing down the roadbed (it's currently secured by map pins, which have been there so long, the ball ends have created indentations in the foam!), completing the flood control channel and finally caulking down the track!

One setback, though, tonight, when I took out that Woodland Scenics Hot Wire Foam Cutter I purchased over a year ago, and finally assembled it, I discovered it was missing one of the thumb screws that secured the wire brackets! I sent an email to WS customer service. Hopefully they'll send me a replacement.

Oh well, I hope to finally get to my goal of having my trains running on a DCC system on my layout! Wish me luck, and I appreciate any encouragement!

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  1. SD75MAC's Avatar
    When I lay flex track, I use canned food, or dog food cans, and lay them between the rails to serve as weights until the glue dries.
  2. Metro Red Line's Avatar
    Great idea! Thanks!


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