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2009 Layout Construction

I've got the blues...

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Saturday afternoon - after a 5 year old's birthday party, a quick drop into the local Bunnings (Home Depot equivalent for our cousins across the pond) to pick up a handful of blue shade sample swatches.

Sunday morning - friend Pat drops over with a handful of Pantone sample cards (he's in the printing business), a few books and a desire to get cracking with the layout (am I wrong to feel the Colonel and Pat are vicariously living their layout building lives through me?). So the swatches are placed at various positions around the layout and serious conversation begins regarding shading, lighting, and the differences in photo manipulation and film type (pre-digital images) in the reference magazines being used.

So, it's off to Bunnings with two preferences in hand to score a couple of sample pots and on arrival note another brand which I had overlooked the previous day with a sample card of a nice shade of blue staring at us. Let's grab it and see. Order the pots but the new paint has a 500ml sample as opposed to the other's 250ml, but it's only a handful of cents more.

Home and a quick splash of the now three shades of blue in five spots around the layout and it's time for a coffee to allow a bit of drying time. On return find the unexpected third shade is the choice. And the 500ml pot almost completed the first coat!
I'll look at the finish over the next couple of days to determine if the satin sheen will be a problem lighting wise. If not, then if two 500ml sample pots are cheaper than the one litre tin, you can guess how I'm going to buy the last of the first and the second coat's paint.
Otherwise, a tin of flat is on the cards.

First coat with flash;

and without flash;

And one Pat took earlier with more sunlight;

Note the difference in shade of the blue?

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  1. pastoolio's Avatar
    Gary, cool! I think that's a great color of blue, especially in the last pic with sunlight.
  2. Gats's Avatar
    Thanks Mike. Every time I look at it, it changes!
    I have to say I am happy with shade. It should look great once toned down (hazed) and clouds airbrushed on.


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