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Spidge RR Build

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I started this layout with the intention to protect it from many of the problems associated with garage layouts. Conditions like temperature, humidity, dust, and any other grime that can effect my enjoyment of the layout.
Here is a loose list of my personal requirements. Some I held steady to but some a swayed from.
1. Drywalled, for dust controll and a backdrop.
2. A drop ceiling over the layout for more dust control.
3. Flourescent tube lighting mounted end to end.
4. A facia and vallance for dust control and to give it a somewhat finished look.
5. L-girder benchwork. I liked it 10 times more than the open grid I always used in the past.
6. DCC.
7. The best trackwork I could muster up using Peco turnouts, but I did use Atlas custom line in the yard.
8. 16" min radius.
9. 2% Grades, but in one spot it came out to 2.5% max.
10. Its L-shaped and I only need to cut 2 pieces of track and I can move it in 2 long pieces.
11. Staging, but I wish I added at least 2 more tracks.
12. Little hidden(tunnell) mainline running.
13. A well thought out yard where the YM could be free of mainline action.
14. Industries around the yard and a town over the grade to serve.
15. Not packed with to much track.
16. Set up for 3 operators. I have run it with 2 so far.
17. Car forwarding.
18. Schedule with fast clock.
19. Set from the late 1960's to the early 1980's. Of coarse this may move a little.
20. Loosely based on the SP from Colton CA to Victorville CA.
21. Easy to maintain. ( I hate my staging area when it comes to this issue).
22. Benchwork at chest level to maximise the viewing angle.
23. Fun, Fun, Fun.

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  1. jhn_plsn's Avatar
    Thinking about operations with multiple operators. So far I have only operated with one other person and it goes fairly well. I hope to move to Railops ASAP as the car cards are a bit to cumbersome in my opinion.
    A 2 person session would constitute a yardmaster and the other operator would run mainline trains and work in the Victorville area. Sometimes we switch halfway through.
    In thinking about a 3 man session there would have to be more mainline trains and some of them through trains as the yard would not be able to keep up. So in order to create more work for the mainline engineers I may have to add a siding to Summit and Victorville. This may delay them enough so the YM can keep his yard fluid.
    What to put in the Summit area?


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