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Aerotrain's observation car

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Here is the latest status of the rear-end of my Aerotrain. The rough shape including the fins is made. The compound curves were shaped from foam, then glass fiber and resin are put over it. About six layers and the shape is ready. After curing of the resin the foam can be 'excavated'. Further heavy layers with GFR will be attached from the inside. The fins have a steel tube as a basic support, Shaping of the fin was made from Balsa. Some further layers of GFR will follow. I'm considering to use aramide-fibers. Well, it'll be bullet-proof:-)
Actually, the main consideration for aramide is the impact and abrasive resistance of this material. The roof doesn't fit right now because GFR on the car's sides was not be cut down.

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  1. MP333's Avatar
    This is just amazing to me! Great project!


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