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Cryon LED Media Highlighter

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I've been looking for a nighttime layout lighting source, something blue or purple possibly flourescent black lights or cold cathode lights. Then I found this:

at Costco and couldn't pass it up.

The Cryon Media Highlighter is a set of six multi-colored LED light bars, marketed as accent lighting for media systems. The system includes the six 15" LED light bars, a transformer, a lighting hub, controller, and mounting hardware.

Each light bar is prewired with 30 LED's (10 each: Red, Green, & Blue). Different accent colors are acheived by varying the color combinations and intensity of the LED's in the light bar. Four of the light bars come with 5' long power cords, two come wiith 15' long power cords. The cords are terminated with a four pin jack that fits the six position hub supplied with the system.

The system controller is used to cycle between 7 modes: 3 color fade modes, 3 color swap modes, and the music mode (which uses the built-in microphone to sync color changes with music). Each mode basically cycles LED color combinations & intensities. If you do not want a continuously cycling color display, you can press the pause button to hold what ever color is currently being displayed.

I haven't installed these yet, but I did pull it out and play with it a little. Here is a shot during daytime.

The product is easily wired up in only a few moments and works great. The light dispersion angle is pretty narrow, but the supplied mounting clips are designed to easily adjust the angle.

Update 6/19/08

The blue lights are installed under my light hood.

My impressions:

1. They're a quick and easy install, they wire up easy.

2. They're a little too bright for nighttime op's. I have them faced into the wall, and they still are too much. I'm going to try deadening some of the light emmission by sheilding them with black construction paper.

3. The control is easy to use, it has several different settings, each of which cycles through a spectrum of color combinations. If you want to hold the lights on a certain color, you just press the pause button, and the cycle pauses indefinitely. Once the cycle has been paused though, it can only be restarted from the beginning. So it took me a while to get the exact color I wanted.

4. I bought two set's to line my entire layout, but these things emit alot of light, & I ended up only using one set spaced more liberally. I think I'll keep the second one for under the layout lighting.

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    Just a photo update to illustrate how this lighting looks with buildings on my layout.

    City scene under Cryon blue light.
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