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  1. WSL Bourland Trestle...

    Tracks into the Past: The Historic Bourland Trestle

    June 9th, 2008 Story and Photos by Thomas Atkins

    The remains of the Bourland Trestle hidden deep within the Stanislaus Forest.
    With most of the forest service roads at the lower and mid elevations open for the season, visitors to Stanislaus National Forest now have access to some of its best kept secrets. Scattered throughout the ...
  2. West Side Convention

    West Side Convention

    A message from the Tuolumne City Memorial Museum President Joe

    The Tuolumne City Memorial Museum (TCMM) is inviting WSLC modelers to
    a walk on the WSLC right-of-way from Flume to River on Sunday morning
    April 20 at 9:00 am. We will walk the initial five-mile stretch of
    the WSLC mainline grade between Old Town Summersville and the North
    Fork of the Tuolumne River. This field trip is open to everyone and ...
  3. Tank Car Tunnel...

    Last weekend it all started with another trip down the southern Foothills. I had a few destinations in mind, Ione (the brick plant), Mountain Ranch (for a caboose), Jamestown(Railtown, Hurst Collection), Moccasin(Hetch Hetchy row) and Tuolumne(West side stuff), and a few others.

    The rest of my trip would be at random impulse to explore where I hadn't been or at least hadn't visited in awhile. During the random parts of the trip I would be looking for any railroad related items I could ...