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  1. A.M.Leach and Swayne Lumber Companies

    Yesterday I headed once again into the northern Foothills in my never ending quest to document all things railroading in the area.

    I had some unfinished projects you may recall from another trip (see my "Caboose Hunting In The Northern Foothills" blog entry). There were a caboose or two in question and a right of way I didn't get to explore. Now I finally got back to it.

    Out of Marysville I headed through Loma Rica on my way to Challenge. I wanted to check ...
  2. Seen over at Railimages

    by , March 12th, 2009 at 03:00 PM (Mr. Train's Trainboard collection)

    My Young Railfan Buddy by JCarter

    Father and Son railfanning:thumbs_up:
  3. AZL news

    We will soon post a progress report on our previously announced news. Stay tuned!
    Z Scale
  4. Seen over at Railimages

    My friend Tharms has been out rail fanning. I think he took this photo just for my blog.
    Click on above photo to see more of his work.
  5. Designing a Layout with cutting edge drafting Tools....For Free

    With the advent of shareware, and free online software packages offered by major providers such as Google, and Yahoo designing a layout has never been easier.

    As an Architecture graduate from Portland State University I have had my fair share of designing and building models, now be it that they were not railroads, they were models. I have had a lot of experience and exposure to a multitude of different CAD applications. From the expensive and hard to use AutoDesk AutoCAD to the free ...
    HO Scale
  6. Arizona '09 Final Day

    Just because we are on the final leg of our trip and headed home over territory that has already been covered does not mean we stop railfanning.

    Leaving Mojave we headed up over Tehachapi and made a stop at Woodford. Caught a railgrinder working up the pass and a UP freight heading north.

    Moving on, we decided to go all the way down to Caliente but as we stopped the car, we heard horns at Bealville. Dang, we just missed it. Oh well.

    In Bakersfield we caught ...
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  7. Been a busy couple of weeks..

    too much to do, not enough time to do it.

    Finally have a weekend to do absolutely nothing.

    I'm sort of in a holding pattern with the layout now.. work is very slow, and switches are expensive. So financially, I think I should wait a little bit. Really wish I had bought all of the $7 switches I saw at the shop when visiting my folks. Atlas Custom Lines.. $7. Grr.

    Ah well, what can I do? Nothing.

    Decided to dust off my old Arnold turntable. ...

    Updated March 7th, 2009 at 11:43 AM by Todd

  8. Photo Contest?

    Photo Contest??? <-follow the link

    Comments wanted:thumbs_up::thumbs_down::thumbs_up:

    Updated March 9th, 2009 at 05:48 PM by Mr. Train

    Follow me around Trainboard
  9. Arizona 09 Day 5

    Our first stop in the morning was the Yuma Valley RR. Found a 44ton unit with three passenger cars. A sign stated there were no train rides and I've heard this train is no longer running.

    A short distance away we found our 5th and final SP steamer on display, #2521. Another beauty! It appears she was recently moved from another location that according to my list was nearby.

    We had scoped out the location of these the previous night so it was real easy to find. ...
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  10. Diamond Valley part 8

    Well, Diamond Valley has got a loading ramp, [url=]Bagel Bakery[/url] , [url=]Oil dealer[/url] .
    Now basic scenery is finished, only the scrap yard needs some basic.
    I've added the [url=]scrap yard fence[/url].

    Now I'm busy with the scrap yard. First structure was [url=]bundler ...
  11. Thomas & Friends - A Circus Comes to Town

    Lorenzo has been waiting all month to go to the Thomas show.

    This weekend Thomas & Friends - A Circus Comes to Town was the hot ticket that left my little foamer utterly speechless. He was totally captivated by the colorful engines, bright lights and fast paced music.


    Updated April 10th, 2009 at 04:45 AM by gregamer

    Kids Gone Choo-Choo
  12. Arizona 09 Day 4

    Our plans for this day involved little in the way of railfanning. Just a few stops.

    We first headed south from Benson about 7 miles to Kartchner Caverns and an underground tour. I had been to several caverns in the past but Jeff really hadn't so I wanted to check this one out.

    The cave was unusually warm compared to the others I had been in but they explained this during the tour. I only had two complaints. 1. No cameras allowed. This about got me not to go. 2. During ...
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  13. Arizona 09 day 3.

    Day three in Arizona was to be our most heavily scheduled railfanning plan of the trip.

    The previous night in our motel room, we programmed Maggie (the GPS unit) full of all our destinations in preparation for this day. She definately has proved herself to us now.

    We started out with a small 0-4-0T at the Arizona Mining Museum in an absolute downpour.

    After this we headed down to Phoenix's UP yard and was able to shoot part of the stored loco line there. ...
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  14. Arizona 09, day 1 & 2

    Day one really doesn't count since Jeff and I picked up the rental late in the afternoon in Sacramento and just beat feet for Mojave and a room. Thought we saw one train on Tehachapi on the way over but wasn't able to confirm.

    I believe we got there about 11:30pm and got a helluva room at the Motel 6 in Mojave. Just across the street from the grade crossing. We actually asked for a room facing the tracks and got it with some strange looks though. The trains were sooo loud they were ...
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  15. From Railimages

    by , February 22nd, 2009 at 05:34 PM (Mr. Train's Trainboard collection)

    Click on above Photo to see more of this coal train. I am in town on work and had some free time. I had seen some coal trains on this line earlier so I thought free time humm
    "Rail fanning!!"
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