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  1. Go ahead give it a try

    by , February 21st, 2009 at 01:37 AM (Mr. Train's Trainboard collection)
    Where is Mr Train this week? Contest is open so stop on over and join the fun. :shade:
  2. AMC article

    History on track?

    Friday, February 13, 2009

    By Jerry Budrick

    Abandoned Amador Central Railroad depots sit fenced and vandalized at both ends of the 12 miles of track between Martell and Ione, pictured, where Old #10 awaits its fate.Photo by: Jerry Budrick

    Railroad ...
    Tags: afrr, amador, amc, ione, martell
    News & Events
  3. Layout Progress Report 2/16/2009

    In this report...
    • Halland Bungalow - A race to finish
    • TPDC - Where the wires come from
    • Track Plan Change -
    • Ebay Find - Tortoise terminals
    Halland Bungalow - A race to finish

    Halland Bungalow gets a paint job.

    I started some finish work for the Halland Bungalow. ...

    Updated April 10th, 2009 at 04:44 AM by gregamer

    Layout Progress Reports , Track Plans , DCC & Electronics
  4. Layout lighting.

    I just finished installing several fluorescent fixtures over my yard tracks. I had originally planned on trying an alternative lighting method; but then the other day at work a vendor was changing out a display and was about to toss several complete single-bulb fluorescent fixtures and wiring into the dumpster !! Guess where they are now !! I plan on posting a thread regarding who has pros and cons on different types of bulbs as they relate to lighting effecting the layout. Anyway, I still need ...
  5. After a long Hiatus...A Return to Work on Hillyard

    by , February 15th, 2009 at 11:33 PM (Great Northern- Hillyard and the Spokane Sub)
    To all who have been reading my blog in the past I need to apologize for not writing any updates to my past entries. To be honest until recently there have been no updates. The economically trying times have been hard on the already drained funds of a student turned modeler so the construction of Hillyard was put on hold.

    I have planned Hillyard as a sectional show layout, broken down into six sections. Ironically with the launch of this seemingly well thought out idea that would allow ...

    Updated March 6th, 2009 at 12:07 AM by derek.runberg

    Layout Update , HO Scale
  6. Pelle Soeberg

    Quote Originally Posted by CSXDixieLine View Post
    Don't forget Pelle models the Tehachapi areas of central California which are in fact predominately dry yellows while Joe models central Oregon which is predominately lush greens. Both great model railroads IMO. I am hoping I can get just a bit of their talent to rub off me by immersing myself in their education materials. Jamie
    Actually, he models Mojave which is the southern end of Tehachapi and Donner Pass which is much further north in the Sierras.

    It's the Donner ...
  7. Wolfcreek & Iron Mountain <> Newsletter #7

    To all Wolfcreek & Iron Mountain Officials. Here's to a Happy February to all. Thanks to all who contributed to the rebuilding of Wolfcreek & Iron Mountain. Northern California Lines has retrieved their rental units and with the mainline reconstructed we have been able to step up and retrieve building supplies for the community of Wolfcreek. Homes and business' have been rebuilt. And the station is looking better then ...
    G Scale
  8. Weekend Accomplishments, or not

    Not much happening this weekend. I don't even know who reads this. I write things mostly so I don't forget them down the road, because sometimes my memory is garbage.

    Got MT conversion for the last Kato Mike that was still sporting rapidos.. got that all done, and then had a bit of an oops with the glue, and now the couplers are bonded together. I guess I get to wait for the 904s to show up and toss those on the tender. Oopsy!

    Started my collection of the MT state ...
  9. HH&YV Accident, 1910

    Found this article on a Yahoo group and thought I'd cross post it. Interesting read. Thanks to Craig Konklin for the original post.

    Accident On The Hetch Hetchy
    Brakeman And Woodsmen Killed Near Wye By Log Rolling From Car

    Henry D. Harliss, brakeman on the Hetch-Hetchy railroad and George
    Hydeliff, a woodsman in the employ of the West Side Lumber company,
    were killed last Saturday afternoon by jumping off the front end of a
    car loaded with ...
  10. History

    This first blog entry is to provide some background to the 2009 layout build.
    The first rendition of this was under construction (and extended testing ) at our last home, where it was located in a converted garage. It was based on the May '93 'A Railroad You Can Model' article in Model Railroader on BN's 11th Sub-Division between Omaha and Perry (as though the track still exisited between Bayard and Perry) in Iowa.


    Updated February 13th, 2009 at 03:45 AM by Stourbridge Lion

    N Scale
  11. Railfanning Photos of the Week - February 11, 2009

    Quote Originally Posted by SteamDonkey74 View Post

    Here comes the IC! (with thanks to Buddy Burton)...

    February 11th's pick for Railfan Photos of the Week.

    Updated February 13th, 2009 at 03:46 AM by Stourbridge Lion

  12. cheap ideas for a bad economy!!!

    scrap wood from construction sites or rehabs. FREE cieling tiles as roadbed from rehab, FREEpaint for backdrop at dump drop off FREE GETING STARTED ON YOUR LAYOUT PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!
  13. Layout Progress Report 2/5/2009

    In this report...
    • DS64 Trouble
    • Halland Bungalow - Zephyr platform
    • Layout Lighting - Installing LEDs under the bench.
    • Housekeeping - A soldering station & Is that my office desk?
    DS64 Trouble

    I have four DS64 accessory decoders. Three are brand new and one is about 2 years old. I tested each individually, then mounted and wired them into my cabinet.

    I powered the first DS64 via the modular jack on the then daisy chained the other three units via the ...

    Updated March 10th, 2009 at 10:50 PM by gregamer

    Layout Progress Reports , DCC & Electronics
  14. Track Plan Overview

    This is a slightly expanded view of the track plan showing the area for future expansion. If I get really ambitious someday, there is about 24' to the right of the staging track that could also be used if I wanted to make a really large layout someday.

    Updated February 4th, 2009 at 09:56 AM by mschreuder

  15. More Photos of progress to date

    Here is a view of where I am at so far. This is looking at the far wall of my basement office where I have located the layout. To the left, the mainline pokes through the wall into a storage room where I will have a return loop/staging yard.

    On the right side there is a peninsula where I will have a small sorting yard for the switching area.
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