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  1. The Industrial Lead - Introduction

    I am designing a modern day HO industrial layout. The layout is inspired by my experiences railroading in Seattle. It will feature Seattle industries that I am familiar with and have worked at as a railroad engineer.

    What I want.

    1. Lots of Switching
    2. Modern day equipment like:
      • 70-20 Reefers because these things look awesome tagged up and weathered.
      • Pressure Aide Hoppers. I see alot of these.
      • Corn Syrup tank cars. Sweet.
    3. "The Hole". Cargill's
  2. Indefinate Suspension Of BN Passenger Service

    I was to be recieving a set of Athearn Genesis F7AB's for my Empire Builder/Morning Zephyr Set. Their gone. My cousin looked everywhere and I will not play the game on eThief. No motive power means my train doesn't run. And without that, There's no point in upgrading to the correct sleeper. This project is officially terminated. I constantly get jacked over and it's begun to wear me down.

    I think I'll just focus on redoing my track plan until I can start the benchwork. 80 dollars that ...
  3. Laying Track

    I managed to start laying track. I have been chipping away at it every so often, but working third shifts are a roadblock. So far I'm about 50-70% with laying track. I used flex track for many of the turns but did rely on snaptrack at times.

    I've also run out of turnouts (only bought half because of Christmas), but will acquire them in due time.

    Unfortunately the best shot ...
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  4. The Christmas Train Part Duex

    I don't normally do back to back blogs. But last night I began a project shift to get my aristocraft equipment running around the tree. Now all my equipment was desgined for 4 foot radius curves. But the Kadee coupler on my Alco FA-1 was uncoupling from the 2-Bay Coal hopper's aristocraft knuckle. That got me thinking. Install Kadees on the coal hopper. So I went to my Local Hobby Shop and bought a set of Kadee #830 Body Mount Couplers. Assembly was easy. Except for attachment onto the stock pads ...
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  5. Holiday Trains - Project Focus Shift

    Someone here on trainboard celebrated his 25th year in the model railroad hobby. I'm about to celebrate 22 years on my end this christmas day. And it got me thinking about that. What was that first trainset I had? An LGB D&RGW Starter Set. She's still runnin strong today. Pure Western German Made. Yes I said western German. The wall wasn't down at that time yet. The quality of how well the set has held up is amazing to me. So I decided that I would put my track down around the tree and put the ...
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  6. New Layout: Blue Mountain Northern

    So my interest in working on my previous layout has all but been snuffed out. The layout previously mentioned in my Blog was designed when I was living in an efficiency apartment. Exhibit A-

    The main constraint was that it had to be portable, since building it on a bench would soak up a lot of valuable living space, which my wife would have not been happy with. I had determined I wanted the following: ...
  7. N scale "What's on your workbench?"

    A few of my compleated projects. Still working on my Amtrak Cascade. Photo's soon

    Quote Originally Posted by catfan View Post
    Wow Tom...great work there. GN Dome.jpgMilw 195.jpgMilw 2053.jpgMilw.jpg

    My workbench? Right now I have 22 loco's waiting for decoder installs. 15 or so different shells in detailing mode.

    TrainBoard Attached Thumbnails TrainBoard Attached Images
  8. Ballast and Switches

    by , December 13th, 2011 at 02:14 PM (Carolina, Chicopee & Central Illinois Railway)
    I haven't updated my blog for a good while, so it is time for another update!

    The entire yard has been ballasted with old ballast I had on hand that had been in storage for years. The yard tracks are ballasted with Woodland Scenics Dark Fine Ballast, the Main track and the runaround ballasted with Medium Gray Fine Ballast. I used a 1/3 Water, 1/3 Rubbing Alcohol, 1/3 Matte Medium mixture for gluing ballast down. This worked very well for me. I intentionally let some of the painted ...
  9. Espee Of My Heart.

    The problem with swap meets and train shows this close to christmas, well mostly November and December, is crowds. This increases theft. Theft increases the local county mounties (We use Wheaton's Police department, not county mounties, but that sounded good). That also increases the problems people allowing their children to run a muck and shove and push and knock you out of the way. Frustrating. Well not as frustrating as as dealers jacking up their prices. What some of them don't understand is ...
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  10. How to tell if people actually look at your layout...

    Quote Originally Posted by upguy View Post
    I've noticed that most people who visit my layout miss the details unless you either point them out or give them a reason to look more closely. I have several "look for" lists which I hand out to help the visitors zoom in on the items that they would otherwise miss. It keeps the kids from just running around chasing the trains and often makes it more interesting for spouses and the model railroader's friends who often aren't captivated by just the trains themselves. Some of the items are
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  11. Modeling by the Prototype, or How Fate Progressed a Layout.

    Greetings fellow Train Buffs, Railroad Lovers and Foamers! Well it sure has been a while since your author has sat down and committed himself to the keyboard and keep my loyal followers (all two of you) as to the goings on in my world. It goes without saying, it has been busy since my last update. Since Galesburg, I have visited home once again, had Angela, Shelby and Jared spend their vacation with ...

    Updated January 8th, 2012 at 01:01 PM by Jim Wiggin

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  12. Chessie GP40.....Wait What?!

    Yeah, yeah. I have a Chessie GP40, Athearn Blue Box. Grab Irons Installed and Painted and the air tanks and front footboards cut off. Why? I'm detailing it. It's going to be a pool power unit on my layout. It's a dummy unit. The plan will be to either buy a PPW rebuilt kit and hardwire a DCC/Sound system in, or put the shell on a current Athearn chassis. Well I decided to take a side step from the usual projects (still looking for the right Maroon paint, more on that later), and pick up an uber ...
    HO Scale
  13. This time I visit depots

    I've created a page with some of my recent years depot photos, taken in Washington, Idaho and Montana. BN, GN, MILW, NP, UP: Click on "Assorted Depots"

  14. Caboose Project List & TOFC Update

    I finally finished the TOFC. Sort of. I assembled the TT-2 hitches from Details West, but I haven't painted it yet. Apparently I forgot to buy orange paint. I grabbed yellow by mistake. Well right now I primed the parts in an auto primer gray. The same stuff I use on my car when I do some custom air brushing. I had just enough left on an old container of the stuff, so I used it up. No camera yet. I really am kicking myself over not knowing where things are lately. But I shall return the yellow paint ...
    HO Scale
  15. Milwaukee Road memories

    I have uploaded some views of depots to my web site:

    Look in the "Assorted Depots" section.

    These were all taken in the past few years, in western Montana and Washington. Much has changed. Views are now partly obscured by trees, brush, other buildings and refuse. But at least they survive. Some poignant memories stirred after all the years now gone by.
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