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  1. Caboose Project List & TOFC Update

    I finally finished the TOFC. Sort of. I assembled the TT-2 hitches from Details West, but I haven't painted it yet. Apparently I forgot to buy orange paint. I grabbed yellow by mistake. Well right now I primed the parts in an auto primer gray. The same stuff I use on my car when I do some custom air brushing. I had just enough left on an old container of the stuff, so I used it up. No camera yet. I really am kicking myself over not knowing where things are lately. But I shall return the yellow paint ...
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  2. Milwaukee Road memories

    I have uploaded some views of depots to my web site:

    Look in the "Assorted Depots" section.

    These were all taken in the past few years, in western Montana and Washington. Much has changed. Views are now partly obscured by trees, brush, other buildings and refuse. But at least they survive. Some poignant memories stirred after all the years now gone by.
  3. Checking in

    by , November 27th, 2011 at 08:13 PM (Mr. Train's Trainboard collection)
    Yes I am still alive and well. Just checked in at the Pass exchange form and added a post about getting a card from downunder.

    Updated November 27th, 2011 at 08:25 PM by Mr. Train (add link)

    Maybe you didn't see this
  4. Chicago & North Western, out west

    Well, as I was on the US east coast last time and did the C&NW there, thought I'd do some C&NW back west of the Mississippi River. This time it's Chicago & North Western Railway stations in the Dakotas.

  5. Keeping Busy With Minor Projects

    While I wait for the second set of TT-2 hitches to show up, I decided to spare myself a trip to the hobby shop. I hijacked my Kadee #5's off my Athearn R-T-R NP Reefer. I will replace those with a fresh set soon enough. I clipped the trip pins off as close to the coupler as possible and installed them on my Atlas TOFC. What a difference it makes. The Kadees are scaled correctly against Atlas' crappy 2 part plastic, massive head...coupler....thing.

    Why cut the trip pins off? I do not ...
    HO Scale
  6. A Trip To San Francisco...

    My son and I took a trip down to San Francisco today. We had two plans for the day; to go to the International Auto Show and then off to Japantown (my kids and I love Japanese culture). The auto show was great, saw a lot of cool cars that I can't afford and some that I might be able to someday. Then, we drove over to Japantown so check it out since we'd never been there. We came across this fabulous bookstore called Kinokuniya. We were in heaven! Since I have an interest in Japanese trains, I looked ...
  7. Short Trip for Shortlines

    And a short and quick blog...

    With my buddy Jeff in town for the week from Colorado, there were a few shortline locos we wanted to hunt down.

    First up we drove by the Sacramento Valley at McClellan Park and noticed the ex Rarus GP9s were gone. Later research would turn up that they left earlier this month to LTEX.

    A quick stop in Davis found us two Cal Northern gensets.

    Our first main goal was the NWP units at Schellville. Upon arrival we found ...
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  8. Layout stuff.. change of gears for the time being..

    I originally started this post:!

    ... and things were progressing nicely.

    I just found out that 1) I'm laid off for the next couple of months, so finances for the new empire are throttled back a lot, and 2) most of next year, I'm going to be out of town for work, so not a lot of home time. (4 weeks out, 1 week home for who knows how long). ...
    N Scale
  9. The "World’s Greatest Modeler." Asks are you getting tired of Model Trains?

    by , November 15th, 2011 at 02:09 AM (Switchman's Blog 98.5% Train Related)
    QUESTION ***** Question***** From the "World’s Greatest Modeler."

    Who is the
    WGM? Why that’s me :moon: of course.

    Now I never get tired of my model trains or working on them because I am, after all, the

    But you modelers of lesser talent, skills, and attitude do. But not to worry, the WGM, That's me of course is here to help, advise, and What was that third thing? Where's my notes (I'm the WGM I don't use notes) Oh yea, guide you back onto the ...

    Updated November 15th, 2011 at 02:26 AM by Switchman

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    Switchman Tall Tales and Stories - Model RR Related
  10. Celebrate My Mom's Passing?

    by , November 14th, 2011 at 06:05 PM (Switchman's Blog 98.5% Train Related)
    Yes we are. Mom has taken the elevator to the penthouse. A place she deserves. And this thanksgiving there will be one empty chair.

    My Mom passed away at the age of 89 years young.
    Two weeks before she passed, we went north to spend a week with her before the Big Guy called her home. She was born in Lucedale Mississippi and Mom, my Aunt GG, My younger brother, and myself all moved to Brooklyn NY in 1950.

    The week we returned my younger brother passed from cancer. We all

    Updated November 14th, 2011 at 06:38 PM by Switchman

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  11. The Newest Addition Comes Home (HO Scale)

    Well today was a brief run to the local train show. First off, I sold the CTA Green Hornet PCC. Overall, I kept telling myself that I was okay with something when I wasn't. And I needed the money for something else. And since I only really bought it because it said "Wrigley Field" on it, I felt it was time to part ways. I sold it for 150 to my local Hobby Shop/Distributors. I'm sad to see it go, but Perhaps someone else will enjoy it more than I will.

    But I digress and we ...
  12. But what about the freight train?!

    Yeah. I got asked this a lot when mentioning my passenger set ups. "What? No Freight Train?!" Working on it. I had very little money to work with and it's now gone. Most of which was spent setting up the 10-Car Walthers Burlington Northern Coaches (I wanted a full set for reasons that are blatently obvious) and the Rainbow Fleet. But I did pick up a few purchases and my Freight Train consists of the following:

    Kato SD-70MAC Burlington Northern Executive Colors (<3 this ...
  13. There was more than one CNW...

    Indeed. These initials almost always bring into mind "Chicago & North Western" to the majority of fans. But there were actually others. California Northwestern was one. And also the Carolina and Northwestern yet another. I'd not be surprised to learn there were others....

    These two companies now on my web site to explore:

  14. Putting the Finishing Touches on a 3 year old project

    My HO Scale sized BN Rainbow Empire Builder/Morning Zephyr was an idea concocted inside my head after staring at an actual photograph of the 7-car trainset in a book of mine. It was the first time I had a photograph of a full trainset from BN's only year of service that didn't leave me confused as to "how man cars? which roadnames to use?", etc.

    Well today I have all the coaches; Sort Of:
    Stewart F9A
    Stewart F9B
    Rapido GN BSB Baggage Express
  15. New Stuff!

    I spent Saturday morning at Chuck's and picked up some goodies. I was hoping he'd have my Intermountain WP FTs, but they're not in yet (sheesh!). However, I did get my Fox Valley V&O and AM boxcars and a couple of BLMA WP 52' gons, both are very nice. Another customer there had several Micro-Trains heavyweight passenger cars. One was an RPO which would be perfect with my WOT baggage car, so since my FTs weren't in, I picked up the RPO. Now, all I need is a coach and I'll have enough cars for ...
    N Scale
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