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  1. Into the Idaho Panhandle, on the Camas Prairie Railroad

    Yikes. A year since my last post.

    Anyhow, at long last I'm adding another page. Here are my Camas Prairie Railroad train orders:

  2. Attempted Development of a Bluetooth Locomotive Transceiver? PC Bluetooth Connection

    The Bluetooth connection tests have been completed. There was a strong connection from ~40 feet (limited by the size of my basement) with the PC Bluetooth dongle pointed in the opposite direction of the Bluetooth transceiver, and the Bluetooth transceiver deep inside a (polyurethane) train tunnel. It would not surprise me, if the Bluetooth transceiver even worked inside a wire-mesh framed train tunnel.

    Next up, finding a suitable brain transplant (microprocessor with development ...
  3. Attempted Development of a Bluetooth Locomotive Transceiver? PC Bluetooth Connection

    This stage covers connecting and testing a small Bluetooth serial transceiver with a PC.
    The picture is of a >$10 Bluetooth Serial I/F Board on its development board below DCC decoder board.
    The first Bluetooth Serial I/F Board was a defective (might have been something I did wrong). It took a while to get another one.
    The Bluetooth connection can be tested, with a PC, Bluetooth PC dongle, a straight RS-232 cable, a USB cable for power, and ...
  4. M-10005 update

    Current status of A- and B-unit:



    The auxiliary power-baggage has been started - here coupled to the B-unit

  5. Kingman or Bust! Day 5, The Final Run

    Well, there's not much left of our trip; just the jaunt home from Mojave to Sacramento. As relayed in the blog about day one, we've pretty much obliterated the entire central valley of targets to photograph. Well, except that one! That one that has plagued us ever since it got here! We will get you! I swear it! We will get you! I'll get to that in just a bit though.

    As usual, a quick breakfast and a few quick UP shots in Mojave yard, then we are off! Tehachapi pass is unusually ...
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  6. Kingman or Bust! Day 4

    The day comes where we have to turn for home. So far this trip has turned out fantastic for meeting the photographic goals in mind. Turns out that our luck will continue to hold all the way to the end. As we have nailed down just about everything, a little dilly dallying could be allowed throughout the return run.

    Leaving Kingman, we notice once again all was quiet with the railroad. As we headed back west, not a thing was stirring. Sure we saw some trains but all were parked. Now whats ...
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  7. Kingman or Bust! Day 3

    Ahhhhh, it's time to relax and just do some casual mainline fanning. But wait, what's that? Silence. Well thats not good. We should be having an endless parade. Along the way to the airport, we notice a work gang just a ways away. Ok, thats whats going on. Well the first target is out and about this morning so we make short work of capturing images of the Kingman Terminal's entire roster. Ok, it's only two switchers but hey, the day is starting out with a perfect score.

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  8. River Harbor Belt Line

    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel View Post
    This will be the start of my new build the River Harbor Belt Line, a switching layout. The area is fictional but will be serviced by fallen flags of UP mainly MoPac, Texas Pacific. I will model two eras operating in the 50's with steam and also 80's with GP9, GP15 and GP38-2's

    Here is a design of the layout and benchwork, the track will be Peco code 83 with peco electrofrog switches. The control system will be NCE DCC and all locos will be DCC + sound

    HO Scale
  9. Kingman or Bust. Day 2

    Though its not pristine high desert, there is nothing like sunrise in Mojave whilst on vacation. After a quick breakfast and a couple UP photos in the yard, Jeff throws out an idea I can't refuse. Trona! I'm all in! Now we've been there just once before and I was able to get some shots but they were through the fence and using film instead of digital. Hopefully we can do better this time around.

    We head out up through, if I recall correctly, Red Rock Canyon which was simply beautiful ...
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  10. Kingman or Bust! Day 1

    The Great Central Valley Turkey Shoot

    Several of you have read of the many long railfan trips my buddy Jeff and I take once, sometimes twice, a year. You've read of many adventures and maybe some mis-adventures. Well this years trip was to Kingman,AZ for a couple days and it came off in a most excellent way.

    As always, our first leg is leaving Sacramento heading down the central valley for a nights stay in Mojave. Along the stretch of Highway 99 are a number of industrial ...
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  11. Attempted Development of a Bluetooth Locomotive Transceiver? The Overall Plan

    Development of a Bluetooth Locomotive Transceiver that will work with an iDevice to control a locomotive in place of a DCC decoder. [Many different iDevice controlled Bluetooth cars are available for less than $70!]

    1. Locomotive would run on DCC, pulse DC, and AC powered track without any locomotive changes.
    2. Read & Program parameters from iDevice with Programming-Application. [Complete programming control “on-the-main”.]
    3. Simplified control path, Bluetooth-iDevice
  12. Attempted Development of a Bluetooth Locomotive Transceiver?

    This Bluetooth Locomotive Transceiver development will be a complete rethinking of locomotive control! The first stage will be the design of an entry level Bluetooth locomotive that is controlled by an iDevice. This will be an open design in both hardware and software. This blog post will keep the large quantities of information from cluttering up a forum.
    DCC & Electronics
  13. I'm still here

    by , November 21st, 2013 at 02:14 AM (Mr. Train's Trainboard collection)
    Well here in my home not here on TB my favorite web site. Work is kind of slowing down. Been watching the ICE making improvements to the tracks going through Lanark, IL. Looks like there is going to be welded rail. They are piling up a lot of RR scrap iron in town. How long before they will be running like BNSF does on the old C&I some times running down hill at 59 mph. I guess we will have to see.
  14. Introducing the Carolina, Chicopee & Central Illinois

    by , November 11th, 2013 at 12:21 PM (Carolina, Chicopee & Central Illinois Railway)
    I decided it was time to dismantle the Gulf & Ohio Midland a few weeks back. The layout, as it currently exists, is crammed into a 4'x10' closet. We really need the storage since the rest of our house has tiny closets, so down it comes. This has been easier than I had expected. The small space was really frustrating to work with, so I'm looking forward to an organized house.

    With the decision to dismantle the existing Gulf & Ohio Midland, I've been reconsidering the whole ...
    HO Scale
  15. Its Been Slow, Or Has It?

    Lately I havn't been too inspired to write much. Not sure why. I don't feel I have much of interest to write about. I'm not very motivated right now. Yet when I look back over the last couple, three, months things havn't been as slow or boring as I've felt. I'm glad I can let this project sit idle and then pick it up again later. So what have I been up to lately?

    My better half is just awesome! Back in July, for my birthday, I found two tickets for the steam trip on the Virginia ...
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