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  1. Bluetooth Locomotive Transceiver? Documents

    The development version of the hardware is almost ready to be connected up and tested. I thought it would be good to make some preliminary documentation available. You can find PDF versions of the “BlueTrain IF Manual” and “BlueTrain Dev HW” here:
  2. Bluetooth Locomotive Transceiver? Motor Driver

    De-braining and reverse-engineering the Atlas decoder board was going to be too difficult and problematic. Had some help finding this >$5 DRV8801 motor driver that is well documented. (Thanks Ray Jones!) So next up will be connecting and testing this motor driver. After that I will attempt to reduce the Atlas decoder board into just a DCC to motor-power board that also provides +5 volts DC.
  3. Bluetooth Locomotive Transceiver? Tachometer Wheel

    The IR sensor is now getting a great signal reflection from a tachometer-wheel. The tachometer-wheel is made from “silver” foil labels with a pattern printed by a laser printer. The idea to use labels to make tach-tape came from “gunrunerjohn”. Thanks!
    Here are some examples. (The poor quality of cutting comes from not-so-good eyes and a shaky-hand.)

    I am currently looking for help getting a “brainless” DCC decoder board for connection to the Nano328 board. (Trying to avoid ...
    TrainBoard Attached Thumbnails TrainBoard Attached Images
  4. Bluetooth Locomotive Transceiver? Flywheel Sensor

    The IR sensor input had to be moved to the flat end of the flywheel to get a good signal for the brain. Apparently the curved surface was not providing enough reflected IR. The flywheel currently has a thin piece of poster board that is a good IR reflector. This paper needs to be replaced with some IR reflective paint for better balance of the flywheel.

    With this new setup the ...
  5. M-10005: A- and B-unit ready for rivets

    All details - apart from the rivets - have been attached to the shells

    Updated October 11th, 2014 at 11:34 AM by morten1996

  6. progress on UP's M-10005

    Some new pictures of A-unit's current status:

    side obl_1.jpg


    Now the B-unit has to be finished accordingly and then setting of thousands of rivets will start...

  7. Northwestern Ill Model RR Club Open House

    Northwestern Illinois Model Railroad Club
    P.O. Box 411
    101 Main Street
    Chadwick, IL 61014

    An open house is planned at the Northwestern Illinois Model Train Club for Saturday June 21st, from 10a.m. to 4p.m. We have an “N” scale running up stairs on the main floor and “HO” scale running in the basement. The model train layouts are located at 101 Main Street Chadwick, IL
    We have two different size working layouts. The “HO” scale layout has 3 levels covering ...
  8. Where is Mr Train contest is on again.

    I just posted the rules simple as they are. I am on a long weekend vacation. Work finally slowed down to get out of town. You have to guess where I took Mrs. Train on the gold wing. Click on the link below and have fun!

    Pass the word we cant let Boxcab win al the time LOL
  9. 4 Years, where's the project today?

    Where have I been hiding the last couple of years? Dunno, been lurking, but it doesn't matter. This is the 4th year of the HO Scale project that started the layout rebirth. A lot has gone down and here's where the project is in a nutshell (Beginning with stuff to be done).

    First off, my 10-6 Burlington Sleeper, GN Big Sky Blue Vista Dome and GN Empire Builder Omaha Orange Observation (due out 28th April) have all been replaced with Walthers Proto Models. Appropriate window tinting, ...
    HO Scale
  10. Locomotive Design Considerations From a Western Colorado Conductor

    Some insight on what one GRJ conductor considers the better locomotive overall, GE vs EMD

    Quote Originally Posted by k3ndawg View Post
    For me, as a conductor, there are several considerations. None of which actually mean anything as far as operations are concerned.

    The SDs have a tiny desk that make it nearly impossible to put up my feet during a trip. But the cooler is within easy reach and I don't have to get up to get into it. Here, in Grand Junction, we rarely see them in unit coal service, so there
  11. 'No Hands Bridge' Becomes Landmark

    I was at and part of the dedication on Sunday the 23rd as a member of the Mountain Quarries 100th Anniversary Committee. A nice one hour presentation and unveiling of the new plaque took place as well as a group photo taken on the bridge. I also took several photos and will be posting then in an upcoming update to the Foothill Rails site.

    John Barnhill

    ‘No Hands Bridge’ becomes landmark

  12. Bluetooth Locomotive Transceiver? (Pictures)

    Some people cannot see the pictures in my previous blog posts. So here they are:

    >$10 “train brain” (development version) board on train tender.

    >$10 Bluetooth Serial I/F Board on its development board below DCC decoder board.

    Test setup for checking ...
  13. Picture TEST

  14. BlueTrain Distance/Speed Measurement Setup

    The two pictures show the setup for testing the measurement of distance and speed by the new "Train Brain". There is a LED on PWM motor speed control that indicates the relative commanded motor speed. The flywheel of the motor has two of its four quarters darken, so that it produces two counts (or triggers) per revolution form the IR senor. The "Train Brain" counts these pulses so that it can calculate and control motor speed and measure distance traveled. Good bye Back-EMF; ...
  15. BlueTrain Source Code "Readme"

    ReadMe for BlueTrainTransceiver

    The purpose of the BlueTrain project is to develop a Bluetooth transceiver for model locomotives that is controlled by a Bluetooth enabled computer or iDevice. This project is open-source in the hope that it will result in the improvement of model locomotive control.

    This folder contains the "BlueTrainTransceiver" program in the form of an Atmel Studio 6.1 C project. The development target is a Nano board (Atmega328p).
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