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  1. Castleberry, AL Passenger Train Collision, May, 3, 1936

    by , September 10th, 2012 at 03:50 PM (Switchman's Blog 98.5% Train Related)
    Train stories
    Copyright 08-07-2012 by RFL

    Todays News or is it Yesterday’s news Today. Anyway here are some stories from the "
    WorldsGreatest Modelers" home town newspaper, The Jot 'EmDown Daily News. It is a uniquely good thinking paper and brings the news quickly with clear understandable headlines.

    Castleberry, AL Passenger Train Collision, May, 3, 1936

    W. J. Quinn, newspaperman ...
  2. The Boilling Alabama Train Wreck of 1896

    by , September 10th, 2012 at 03:39 PM (Switchman's Blog 98.5% Train Related)
    Today’s News or is it Yesterday’s news today. Anyway the "Worlds Greatest Modeler's" home town newspaper, The Jot 'Em Down Daily News, Brings you the first in a series of original Alabama Train wreck stories.

    The Boilling Train Wreck Of 1896

    Copyright 06-21-2012 by RFL

    The Rome and Decatur Railroad ran a daily passenger round trip from Birmingham to Montgomery. It assigned train number 310 to the Birmingham to Montgomery leg and train number 110 ...
  3. Part 2 of 2 WGM's Train Ride to Burnt Corn, Alabama on a 4-4-0 American

    by , September 10th, 2012 at 03:29 PM (Switchman's Blog 98.5% Train Related)
    As the Direct debit membership and professional development stock and credit administrator as well as the official Bin Man for the, "World’greatest Modeler" here is a tale of the WGM’s wife's, Aunt HenriettaTutwiler.

    Part 2 of 2

    The Ghost of My Aunt Henrietta Tutwiler
    Copyright 06-02-2012by RFL

    My name is Agnes Grace Magnuson. And once a month, I would ride the old Tuscumbia Railway, from Burnt Corn Alabama to Muck City,Alabama. My Aunt, ...
  4. I'm calling out to you..... (The story of a locomotive finding a new home)

    No really. I was bidding on a uber detailed Walthers bulkhead car on ebay and decided to skip the show when at the very last minute someone decided to outbid me. So on a whim I wandered over to the local show. I figured why not since it's most likely going to be my last one for a long time up here. Nothing. I couldn't find anything that was reasonably priced. So I wandered over in the direction of a building that has one of the usual sellers I visit. I was about to purchase an Athearn Genesis Burlington ...
  5. The Industrial Lead - Nighttime Operations 9-3-2012

    Nighttime Operations 9-3-2012

    Originally Posted on The Industrial Lead
  6. Workbench Complete

    Quote Originally Posted by gpa View Post
    No it's not just an inverse of my previous post Benchwork Complete. This post is about the workbench I've built under my new layout. I'm pretty proud of this one.

  7. Update on M-10005 in 1.6" - additonal picture

    And a short glance on the combination of A&B-unit - total length about 18ft.
  8. Update on M-10005 in 1.6"

    The unique front grills of the M-10005 were applied to the shell.
    Additionally the grills and door-frames on the shell's side have been mounted.
    The top of the shell (with the exhaust-system) has been cut-out to get a removable panel as an access to batteries etc..
  9. Krauss-Maffei ML 4000CC in 1" scale - shell almost finished

    The shell of the unit has been painted and is waiting for decals.
    iso 2.jpg
    Some modifications has been made since the photos were taken:
    drip rails over cab's door painted silver, porthole gaskets in light grey and the rubber insulation gasket around the cab were applied.
    Now work on the rather complex fabricated truck's side-frames has started.
  10. Everything old is new again

    I’m sure many model railroaders have at least one structure either on their layout or on a shelf which was built in your early days of the hobby. Before you had all the skills you have now, maybe it was a kit, maybe your first scratch building project.
    I’d like to tell you the story of my very first HO scratch built structure. I originally planned to build a small town passenger station similar to one in the Kalmbach book ‘Easy to build Model Railroad Structures’ by Willard V Anderson. I ...
    HO Scale
    TrainBoard Attached Thumbnails TrainBoard Attached Images
  11. Another Month, and a Move.

    How do you transport all your large scale stuff to missouri on a greyhound? You don't. Sadly I have to leave it behind in the care of my Aristo Distributors who are going to take good care of them til I can get back up and move them. But the HO Scale stuff is going to be carried onto the bus in my back, protected by their boxes and my clothes and junk. 2 Transfers plus my cpu carried under the bus well protected. So the time has come to move with my new g/f. Speaking of missouri if anyone reading ...
    HO Scale
  12. The Industrial Lead - NIght Time Operations 8-20-2012

  13. Finally! The First Major Project Finished!!

    I don't consider my gondola/load finished due to lack of Kadees. But I did manage to finish the TOFC Project. For a mere 17 dollars (39 MSRP), I managed to pickup yet another premium piece of rolling stock under my Twenty Dollar Average policy for rolling stock. By doing it this way I'm actually building a high quality fleet for less money. This time it was a 1973 modified TTX Atlas Master Line TOFC WITH the Hitches painted and pre-installed. So Finally, the two BN City Trailers (Seattle & Chicago) ...
    HO Scale
  14. New MoPac layout -shelf layout end to end

    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel View Post

  15. New MoPac layout -shelf layout end to end

    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel View Post
    Here are a couple of possibilities

    MoPac Projects , N Scale
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