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  1. Iconic Auburn-area bridge turns 100

    Iconic Auburn-area bridge turns 100
    Gus Thomson/Auburn Journal
    AUBURN CA - Whatever you may want to call it, Placer County loves its Mountain Quarries Railroad Bridge.
    Painted, photographed and just plain admired, the span that some dare to call “No Hands Bridge” has reached the spry old age of 100, with plenty of structural stability left in its concrete-arch frame.
    To celebrate the centennial of Mountain Quarries Railroad Bridge (that’s the official name, although no
  2. For the Frisco fans

    On my web site are paper examples from SL-SF subsidiaries:

    Alabama, Tennesee and Northern RR
    Current River RR
    Kansas City, Fort Scott & Memphis RR
    Quanah, Acme & Pacific RY and click on "TOUR"

  3. Here and there

    Been busily scanning more papers. I've uploaded a whole bunch of train order examples from small companies. USA, Mexico and even one from Africa. Find them on my web site: and click on "TOUR"

  4. HOPPER-ing Along.

    Another month, another show. This time it's an Atlas Northern Pacific Covered Hopper that came home. Cheap too, only 20 bucks. It's a one time road number. So I grabbed it. Right now I have a pair of Kadee #28's on it. The Goal is to add as follows:

    Kadee Bettendorf Rollar Bearing Trucks
    Kadee Trip Pin Cutting
    Bolster Filing (As per above trucks)
    NP Patched Black with White BN

    Speaking of trucks, the southern pacific boxcar needs to have truck bolsters ...
    HO Scale
  5. Carry On My Wayward Son.

    Greetings fellow foamers, train nuts and lovers of all things from the line! Were only a few months into 2012 and it is already busy for most of us, and I'm no exception! I survived the Springfield MA show and had a great weekend "hunting" for the specials and the items I need to get the layout beyond the stage of pink foam. The two day show was just as good as it always is and plenty of deals could be ...
    About Me , N Scale , Railfanning
  6. SLR 2062 Update

    Here's a recent photo of this weathering project, with an updated high resolution slideshow available courtesy of Flickr:

    N Scale
  7. Brackets in Now Take Them Out

    Lowering the Bench

    I got all of the brackets and ledger boards installed and then decided to listen to some advice from Alan in my Shelf Bracket Benchwork 1 post. I tested the benchwork with my 3 year old son Patrick and it was too tall. I need the benchwork to be tall enough to fit the kids step ladder ...
  8. Old days on the Northern Pacific