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  1. Attempted Development of a Bluetooth Locomotive Transceiver?

    This Bluetooth Locomotive Transceiver development will be a complete rethinking of locomotive control! The first stage will be the design of an entry level Bluetooth locomotive that is controlled by an iDevice. This will be an open design in both hardware and software. This blog post will keep the large quantities of information from cluttering up a forum.
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  2. Hello

    Hi im new to blog so i like to know .
    im in to HO and runing DCC and just geting my bechwork going.i like to know if thar are clubs in forterie canada? :tb-biggrin:
  3. That was Easy - SD45 Install

    After sitting on a pair of Kato SD45 for more than a few months, I finally bought a pair of Digitrax DN163K1B decoders for them today.

    In the span of about an hour and a half, I installed the new decoders, programmed them and consisted the locos together.

    OK, it was only a plug and play decoder, but I've only ever installed a couple and just getting past the thought of installing ...
  4. The Kato CP GEVO- redoing it right! PART 2

    A few more views showing the conductor figure seated in the cab, some roof and rear views:
    This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1024x515 and weights 113KB.
    This image has been resized. ...
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  5. RocRail and iRoc

    RocRail is open source model railroad software similar to JMRI or Model Railroad Automation. It is available in many languages and can run on PC, Mac and Linux. I'm using RocRail on a PC with Windows XP.

    Rocrail Rocview

    Rocrail Rocview


    Updated May 25th, 2011 at 07:42 AM by gregamer

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  6. Install the Digitrax SDN144K1E sound decoder into your N scale FVM GEVO-part 3

    Installing the Digitrax SDN144K1E into the FVM GEVO (Part 3):

    Now we install the speaker. I put mine in so the diaphragm faces out through the holes we will drill into the plastic tank piece--I don't know, this seems right to me but Digitrax says to put it in the other way. Well, it sounds fine my way and I don't see the point of the sound producing surface pointed at solid metal. There is thin double sided tape on both sides of the speaker that you peel away and also prevents shorting ...
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  7. Install the Digitrax SDN144K1E sound decoder into your N scale FVM GEVO-part 1 of 3

    Installing the Digitrax SDN144K1E sound decoder and speaker:

    Here are the basic tools used, dremel milling bits, carbon steel brush, a couple of hardboard pieces, also masking tape, 3-in-1 Oil or equivalent, standard dremel cut off discs, a vice, a shopvac, 25-30W soldering iron, rosin flux, solder, a roll of Kapton tape, decoder wire-30 gauge assorted colours, toothpicks, electronic components discussed later, hacksaw
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  8. And another year passes...

    Well, it's been over 12 months since I last posted to the blog and a bit has occurred on the layout.
    Coon Rapids, Templeton, Manning (less the AGP facility tracks) and the front portion Manilla, the yard, experienced extensive, ongoing pre-scenery testing with great results.
    The rear portion of Manilla is still to be installed when the re-supply of Atlas flex settles. The Blue Point turnout controls that were on the four turnouts in the yard have made way for small 9g servos controlled ...
    N Scale , DCC & Electronics
  9. Halland Control Panel - I'm almost finished

    It's taken a while; with several rewires, a few bad SPDT switches and a lot of head scratching, but I'm almost done.

    Halland Control Panel

    I tested the Jump Throttle just a minute ago and it works! I've also tested all of the switch ports. And they all work! Last step is wiring these Tortoise motors to the switch ports and It'll be operational.

  10. Light Comes On - DT400R Selecting Loco

    I got a Radio Super Chief set on eBay last week and I've been fooling around with it to see if it actually works. The DCS100 came out of the box beeping (7 beeps) and it took a while to figure out that meant the CMOS battery needed to be replaced.

    The DT400R is picky about batteries. I tried some supposedly 9V cheapo batteries but the DT400R didn't like that, most turned out to be only 7V or less. So I headed to the Shack and got some decent 9V batteries and the DT400R likes those ...
  11. You can change your COM Port

    I was trying to reconnect with Model Railroad Automation after not using it for a long period. I had reconfigured my computer and my PR3 got reassigned as Port COM10. Consequently, MRA couldn't find my Loconet connection (It was looking for Port COM1).

    I just discovered you can reassign a COM Port. In Windows I opened Control Panel, opened System, clicked on the Hardware tab, clicked on the Device Manager button, selected Ports, selected COM10, clicked on Port Settings tab, clicked ...
    DCC & Electronics
  12. Team Digital SMC4 Servo Decoder

    I thought I'd written something about these a while back. So here's a kind of mini-review.

    I bought a couple of Team Digital SMC4 Servo decoders late last year. The SMC4 has four servo outputs and four slow motion switch machine outputs. The board has several different modes that define how the outputs are used, including using all eight as individual outputs, linking the servo and slow motion outputs, and running the servo outputs as three position semaphore.

    The feature ...
  13. My Old Reliable Friends

    I've been sitting on a 12 pack of Tortoise motors for almost a year, while I was trying to make a conversion to Servo Motor Turnout Control. I almost put them up for sale a couple of times.

    Well I got tired of trying to figure out a method to make the servos work for me. I cracked that 12 pack open today and installed four more Tortoise motors in my Halland Yard. It's nice to work with something that I know how to make work.

    Now I plan on eliminating DCC turnout control ...
  14. Layout Progress Report - June 11, 2010

    I made a little track progress. Laid out track for the Industrial Lead. Also installed one servo to control first turnout.

    I didn't like the background at Halland Yard. It was aluminum and the paint job was terrible. I ripped it out and will be replacing it with a steel background.
  15. Dispatcher Control Panel

    That old bug has hit me again, and I'm going to try and tackle a more permanent control panel. I'll be using a CML Electronics DTM16. It has 20 function cells, so I can run 20 turnouts.

    The panel will only control part of the layout, I'm just not sure what the boundaries will be. I'll probably start in Halland Yard and select the 20 closest turnouts, including all of Union Station. Of course that will leave me without any occupancy indication cells, so maybe, I'll need to scale it ...
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