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  1. The Newest Addition Comes Home (HO Scale)

    Well today was a brief run to the local train show. First off, I sold the CTA Green Hornet PCC. Overall, I kept telling myself that I was okay with something when I wasn't. And I needed the money for something else. And since I only really bought it because it said "Wrigley Field" on it, I felt it was time to part ways. I sold it for 150 to my local Hobby Shop/Distributors. I'm sad to see it go, but Perhaps someone else will enjoy it more than I will.

    But I digress and we ...
  2. But what about the freight train?!

    Yeah. I got asked this a lot when mentioning my passenger set ups. "What? No Freight Train?!" Working on it. I had very little money to work with and it's now gone. Most of which was spent setting up the 10-Car Walthers Burlington Northern Coaches (I wanted a full set for reasons that are blatently obvious) and the Rainbow Fleet. But I did pick up a few purchases and my Freight Train consists of the following:

    Kato SD-70MAC Burlington Northern Executive Colors (<3 this ...