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My Little Railroad Buddy

My Little Railroad Buddy


  1. Rodney's Railroad Tools

    Last fall I purchased the N Scale Code 55 tool set from Rodney's Railroad Tools. The set includes 7 high quality and precision machined tools. The tools include:

    • 3-N-1 Tool

      A soldering alignment and heat-sink tool, parallel track spacing tool & dual magnets. The track spacing tool can be milled to whatever track center spacing you would like.
      This is a great little tool

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  2. Ribbonrail Track Alignment Gauges

    Ribbonrail TAGs

    After months of searching for a retailer that carried Tracksetta gauges I happened upon Ribbonrail Track Alignment Gauges (TAG).

    What is it?

    A Ribbonrail TAG is similar in design to a Tracksetta gauge. It is a rigid aluminum strip that fits between the tracks to help obtain a specific alignment. Straight and curved gauges are both available in N and ...
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