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My Little Railroad Buddy

My Little Railroad Buddy


  1. Benchwork Complete - Video

    I’ve mostly completed the major benchwork for The Industrial Lead. I have a couple of tasks to complete:
    Install drawer fasces.
    Fix Formica chips with SeamFil

    But at least for now I’m able to move out the woodworking tools, clean up the major dust and start focusing on actually building the railroad.

    View in youTube: The Industrial Lead – Benchwork Complete

    Origianlly Posted on The Industrial Lead ...
  2. Closet, Desk, and Shelves

    I've been plugging away at finishing the desk and closet. It's been a good way to stay inside while the weather has been rainy.

    •The big chore was wiring the ...
  3. Time for a New Desk

    When I built my Halland Yard layout, I decided to build my office desk into the closet. It was primarily a sheet of 3/4″ plywood, supported by lumber across the back and the front sides. The front of the desk spanned the 5′ closet opening. This front portion really began to sag. It was unsupported. I couldn’t shore up the support it with shelf brackets, because I needed the space underneath to roll my file cabinets into it.

  4. Valance Brackets

    I painted the top and underside of the valance Polar White. Then installed the triangle brackets that provide the permanent support for the valance. Next fascia and lights.

    I got a little worried about whether 1/8″ hardboard would make the 8″ radius curve around the northeast corner of the valance. ...
  5. Benchwork Continues – Into the Closet

    More benchwork today. I started with a tricky section that would be the sub-roadbed where the main layout enters the closet. I spent a lot of time cutting ...
  6. Touch up and Valance 4-16-2012

    A couple extra hours of work allowed me to do a little touch up and finish out the valance frame. I had to recut both valance l-girder ledger boards. ...

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  7. Brackets in Now Take Them Out

    Lowering the Bench

    I got all of the brackets and ledger boards installed and then decided to listen to some advice from Alan in my Shelf Bracket Benchwork 1 post. I tested the benchwork with my 3 year old son Patrick and it was too tall. I need the benchwork to be tall enough to fit the kids step ladder ...