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Special Projects

Projects involving special skills, attention to detail, extra precision or unique requirements.

  1. Workbench Complete

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    No it's not just an inverse of my previous post Benchwork Complete. This post is about the workbench I've built under my new layout. I'm pretty proud of this one.

  2. THE INDUSTRIAL LEAD - The Website

    I always think it's top notch when a layout has it's own website. I want THE INDUSTRIAL LEAD to be top notch, so I created a website.


    I've actually had my own website and domain name for about 15 years, but I haven't really updated it or used it in the last ten years. I deleted the entire old website and started fresh.

    My hosting company allows you to install WordPress, a free blogging software platform. It's was ...

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  3. That was Easy - SD45 Install

    After sitting on a pair of Kato SD45 for more than a few months, I finally bought a pair of Digitrax DN163K1B decoders for them today.

    In the span of about an hour and a half, I installed the new decoders, programmed them and consisted the locos together.

    OK, it was only a plug and play decoder, but I've only ever installed a couple and just getting past the thought of installing ...
  4. Halland Control Panel - I'm almost finished

    It's taken a while; with several rewires, a few bad SPDT switches and a lot of head scratching, but I'm almost done.

    Halland Control Panel

    I tested the Jump Throttle just a minute ago and it works! I've also tested all of the switch ports. And they all work! Last step is wiring these Tortoise motors to the switch ports and It'll be operational.

  5. Light Comes On - DT400R Selecting Loco

    I got a Radio Super Chief set on eBay last week and I've been fooling around with it to see if it actually works. The DCS100 came out of the box beeping (7 beeps) and it took a while to figure out that meant the CMOS battery needed to be replaced.

    The DT400R is picky about batteries. I tried some supposedly 9V cheapo batteries but the DT400R didn't like that, most turned out to be only 7V or less. So I headed to the Shack and got some decent 9V batteries and the DT400R likes those ...
  6. Team Digital SMC4 Servo Decoder

    I thought I'd written something about these a while back. So here's a kind of mini-review.

    I bought a couple of Team Digital SMC4 Servo decoders late last year. The SMC4 has four servo outputs and four slow motion switch machine outputs. The board has several different modes that define how the outputs are used, including using all eight as individual outputs, linking the servo and slow motion outputs, and running the servo outputs as three position semaphore.

    The feature ...
  7. Coupler Conversions and Decoder Installs

    I was going through my box of engines yesterday and found 4 engines that were potential candidates for sale. All of them had Rapido couplers and a lll needed a hard wire decoder install to convert to DCC. I had convinced myself that I'd never learn to install a decoder or get around to converting anything to MT couplers.

    I decided to try a coupler conversion on one of the engines, ...
  8. Dispatcher Control Panel

    That old bug has hit me again, and I'm going to try and tackle a more permanent control panel. I'll be using a CML Electronics DTM16. It has 20 function cells, so I can run 20 turnouts.

    The panel will only control part of the layout, I'm just not sure what the boundaries will be. I'll probably start in Halland Yard and select the 20 closest turnouts, including all of Union Station. Of course that will leave me without any occupancy indication cells, so maybe, I'll need to scale it ...
  9. Detailed Laser-Cut Transfer Dock

    I found this assembled laser cut transfer dock at the hobby shop and bought it for $10. I decided to try my hand at painting and detailing it and I'm kicking myself about not taking some before pictures because I'm quite happy how it turned out.


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  10. Panels

    I spent quite a bit of time during December constructing control panels. One physical and two virtual.

    The first panel I made was a physical panel for Halland Yard.

    The purpose of this panel is to make it possible for my 3 year old son to switch cars at Halland Yard. ...
  11. Turnout Test Module

    Turnout Test Module

    I'm planning to build a couple of control panels for my layout. In the interim, it's a real pain running trains when ...
  12. Handheld Panel for Halland Yard

    I've taken the advice to split the panels up. For my first panel, I'm trying to make a handheld.

    The panel is enclosed in a 6.75" (W) x 3.5" (H) x 1.25" ...
  13. Layout Progress Report 3/27/2009

    In This Report...

    Clockwise: DS44 Module, PSXAR, Halland Split, Staging Bungalow

    • DS44 Module - A simple turnout

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  14. Transfer Table 3

    Transfer Table (3rd version)

    I've spent a lot of time over the last week trying to construct a transfer table for Halland Yard. The table will move cars between A/D tracks and the tail end of the yard lead. I didn't take photos of my second attempt. I scrapped it pretty quickly and moved right into attempt 3.


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  15. Transfer Table 1

    Transfer Table

    I spent most of this week building an operating transfer table for my yard. The table will move engines from the end of the A/D track to the tail of the yard lead. The table is ...

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